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I'm just a widdle student *puppy dog eyes*.

I believe in LUCK (seeing how I pass exams even if I don't study seriously. It's a miracle, really.)!
I dunno. I just like anime, anime and more anime. I love collecting anime merchandise. Kinda choosy, yes. I'm lazy to read and takes time to think of something I want to write or draw (errr though I barely write stories. I even just keep them to myself and forbids anyone to read it D:<).

That's all for the basics!
--The rest is for you to decide *evil laugh*.
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Yay \OwO/
You're doing greaaaatttttt >:DDDDD

o3o -smacks back- you're so talented
oooooh Miku's und--- /shot
So far, so good. :)
Just keep 'em goin'.
Another meaning for "Fire Exit" xD
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