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I cant wait to see whats next! Keep up the good work.
Come on Theo! Wake up so the plot can keep moving!
Where is that Update?
Title says it all.
WHOO! UPDATE! gotta love those.
anyway, i thought dragons blood heals wounds (directed to the guy who said it was acidic) and magical and stuff?
Cesar, thats emma's job
Reaper, DONT DO IT. we all secretly love you XD
Hi Luke!
So.... HI! i am new to this comic. well, not really... it took me a whole week to read ALL the comics of this webcomic! (i commend you man!) Keep up the good work. and Reaper? STFU. jk ;D
man, i hope that Theodore will be alright! i just got into this comic, and it took me a whole of 2 days to get up to date. man has it evolved! (for the better)
"God by Machine"... epic.