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Well, if you don't want to be replaced, then maybe you should start being better friends.

Last I checked, good friends don't go around acting like assholes and making homophobic remarks.

I would rather get punched in the face than have crappy friends like that.
Lol. Typical homophobic guys.

They fantasize about girl x girl but then whine about how "gross" two guys are.

The hypocrisy of that never ceases to amaze me.
Hopefully she'll get a hysterectomy after this.

She clearly should never have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.
I understand hating him if he cheated, but 'faggot'? Really?

If she's that much of an asshole, then she really deserved to be cheated on. Don't feel sorry for her at all.
Hmm.. is he saying "he has a girlfriend" because he assumes Lucas is straight (which would be kinda silly, since we all know there are more than just two sexualities), or because he's trying to say that Lucas (hopefully) wouldn't cheat on said girlfriend?

Either way, it looks like it isn't going to be an issue now, based on how his "girlfriend" reacted.. lol
January 23rd, 2014
[In regards to those Tumblr posts]

To be fair, what they said about all of the unhealthy behavior in this comic is entirely true.

I mean, it's one thing to just say "I like unhealthy relationships in comics", but most people here just outright deny that various things that have happened in this comic are indeed unhealthy.

If this was a comic about a guy and a girl (or perhaps a girl and a girl), people would've flipped their shit long before this.

So, yeah. It's kind of silly to call THEM haters when the comic has clearly had a lot of fucked up, non-consensual, abusive, and other out-right unhealthy moments.

How can you guys be so in denial about that? Like, really. You can't deny something that's a fact..
Ironically, not hitting someone because they have a vagina IS sexist; you're implying that a woman is too weak to take a hit, yet a guy can.

Tsk tsk, Dake.

Since this seems to be primarily her fault (seriously - having sex with someone that is unconscious? I don't think I need to explain how utterly disgusting and non-consensual that is), I'd have hit her extra hard.
@Aysan1; Agreed. And despite what most people will probably think, it has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. She could be a guy and I'd still just not see the proper chemistry between them.
December 20th, 2013
Well, he just earned my immediate dislike.

Making light of rape isn't cool. Ever.
Eugh. Don't know how anyone can really like Kaoru.

They both bug me because they agreed to this lying bullshit (hope so bad Naoto finds out and calls them out for it in the end), but at least Shizu is actually a sweetie pie that tries to make Naoto see him for him, and not his brother.

Kaoru just is happy to manipulate existing memories.
December 15th, 2013
^ seconded.

I want to see his siblings walk in on them. lolol
Uh.. if you /willingly/ do drugs or drink alcohol knowing what will happen, then yes, it IS your fault if you sleep with someone while under the influence.

[not talkin' about sexual assault, obviously - just consensual sex]
Heh. I imagine even sexless gods/goddesses/beings/etc. might prefer one form over another.
Way to be a total fucking asshole, Tommy.
For people who appear to be so religious, you'd think that they wouldn't doubt /him/ of all people.
November 20th, 2013
As if you need a biological child to make you happy.

The only thing stopping someone from loving an adopted child just as they would a biological one, is them. If you don't love an adopted kid, it's because you're a dick, not because the kid isn't blood related to you.

tsk tsk.
If a friend - let alone close family member - pulled this shit on me.. I'd break all ties off with them.

It's one thing for the Kurogawas to lie to Nao, but for his supposed cousin to go along with it? I get that I'm probably supposed to be like "LUL but it's just fiction!", yet that doesn't change that fact that fiction or not, it's a douche move, and nobody in their right mind would EVER tolerate this kind of behavior inrl.

It really shouldn't be viewed any differently because it's "just fiction".
D'aw. She reminds me of my Mom. Such a sweetie.

We definitely need more of his Mama in the future.
November 1st, 2013
Psh. Like there's something wrong with being a chick. Or a feminine dude.

Just be whatever, man.
People really need to stop over-dramatizing such a minor age difference. I mean, if she was 14 or something, I would completely understand. As someone that age would just start getting mentally mature.

But someone in their late teens/early adulthood? C'mon. Plenty of teenagers have consensual sex well before they're 18. Most teens aren't as stupid and sexually immature as people like to pretend they are.