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hi am isa nice to meet u,am from d.r i speak english and spanish^^ am a pretty random persom so u can talk 2 me almost about anything!, i love to draw,watch animes, play the guitar and i love this site... thx 4 passing by!!! peace~
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    izzy jimenez
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Smooth asf. My inner fan girl is screaming.
Priorities 101 with Sunny
Oh no he didn't! x'D
Ash better up his cutesy game XD lol
lmaoo Ash is so funny :')
Lmaooo I find this page so funny for some reason. I can't wait for Ash to tell him about Sunny.
August 15th, 2017
LMAOO I love all your comments
Lmaooo this is so perfect
Ash is the cutest when he smiles x) but I got to admit together they are too cute 😍
Another pretty boy? Or is that a girl? Anyways I love it. <3
So happy you're back! Love this comic
@frostyshark: OMG I am so excited!
I love this page. so cute.
OMG the feels of this chapter. I can't.
@Quadrant: We'll take what we can get lol
Please, please, PLEASE update this comic is everything.
This is so good! Will there really be more? @frostyshark:
Then comes marriage!
Wow that was just... Wow. I can't wait for more.
Lmao this comic is funny