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Wow, I can only imagine how long this took.

It's very immersive to just look at.
November 13th, 2015
More to come...was quite busy today.
I hate attempting 'extreme' perspectives. T_T

Perhaps I should do a practice sketch or two beforehand next time...
These pages take
@Candychains: He looks used to it, I think.
@Candychains: Thank you. Yeah, his shoes are a tad questionable...haha.
@DeadlyDuo: He had to make it dramatic. ;P
February 28th, 2015
@Candychains: Thank you very much. :D
February 26th, 2015
@DeadlyDuo: Thank you. :)
Interesting how page 19/20 in the first volume reflect almost the same situation. :]
Starting to color them in digitally...inking still done on real paper.
It's unfortunate, but some of these comments are reminding me of how fickle people can be. : \

Obviously Atticus didn't like her random act, but for anyone to call it harassment is overkill. If you're joking, that's fine, but you really need to get over yourself if you're serious.

I think your friend does a great job of writing her. She's an interesting character.
DTR will be going on a possibly permanent hiatus. The new story I plan on writing will be in a non-comic format, so I cannot upload it here. To receive updates on it, head to my DA page:
Re-uploading pages due to major de-colorization on most of the pages.
Ordering attacks is an overrated mechanic which doesn't really even matter a whole lot in the anime (from what i can remember..from years ago.)

It's a different story when they actually want their pokemon to perhaps do something different than they were doing, but I don't think It's necessary.
@volk: Thank you. =D
@Ulotrichous: Thank you, I appreciate that. =)

But it's not over quite yet, as there are still 3 pages left to be uploaded. I set the timer to once an hour, so that it would get out relatively quickly, but so more people could see it as well.
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It's funny how I was just thinking "I really like the look of this page." and then you mention being short supplies.

I think It's a nice style. :D
June 5th, 2012
Maybe she has done her research? You never know...It is possible that she hasn't, but yeah.

Also, I love the last panel. This page is overall very well done.