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UGHFFJFJJDSD everyone is way too cute I can't take it--- I love their interaction aaargh (ღ´▽`ღ)♡♡

I love how everything's so dynamic!! The panels look REALLY GOOD and work well, I like especially what the third and sixth panel do to the pace *▽*
Commenting on this again because I simply can't get over how cute Holly is aha♥♥...makes tiny happy noises (ღ´ᗢ`ღ) (Everyone's cute as hell tho!!)
WHY IS EVERYONE SO CUTE I CAN'T TAKE IT AAA--! The fourth panel especially also height differences my weakness... I can imagine Merce and Holly being best bros ahahaa

Somehow I can't feel sorry for Feather though I like him a lot too nyeheh
CREEPY PARENTS this is a really good page whoa!!! Very curious to see what's going on :^}O Lomax is so cute in the third panel.....
HTHE COLOURS~~ And the second panel it's perfect?? Looking so good you are so good *_* Also the way Lomax' pants crinkle in the last panel hhfff

The transition between the first and second panel could work better though? Of course when I look at the previous page and this page, I get the idea where he goes, but it might flow a bit better if the direction/angle between them was a bit more, uhh, consistent? (Difficult to explain in English oops) Not very helpful with this page anymore, but yeah
Aagaghaaghh everything looks so good, I love the second panel and how it goes all the way to the bottom of the page.... MERCE'S HAND WEIGHING ON THE DOOR HANDLE LOOKS SO..FINE... *_* Also Merce is such a goddamn cutie, smiling all the time aahh!!! goD
Aough Rogers' expression *_* /swoon.. I love how Lomax comes closer and closer in the last panels!!
AAAAA IT'S SO GOOD I love this page especially, the expressions and poses are priceless!!