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I am Chiyoi, and I make sprite comics. I've been at it since 2008 on Drunk Duck, but when it crashed and got all trashy, I moved to Smack Jeeves.

I am currently working on Pokemon Zombie Apocalypse, go check it out! My other comics are fun too, but they're currently in a long lasting hiatus.

If you ever need help with making sprite comics, do send me a message!! I'm willing to help out anytime! I however do not co-author. See ya!
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Kenneth's back! It looks like Brendan is winning this fight . . .
@lindaAkari: Thanks. Glad to be back!
Okay! This battle is getting serious!
Well that is one big frickin' Zombiemon.

This means... A Pokémon Battle!! Finally!
So. It has been three years since I worked on this comic.
I found my old sprites, maps and scripts again and I'm hoping to continue this comic.

It's pretty sad that most of my old readers and friends from Drunk Duck and Smack Jeeves are inactive now.
Time to start anew, I guess.
@Hero of Comedy: 3 Years and you're still here! Nice to see you again!
It has been a long time, hasn't it?
@TheSpriterZ: Hi! Pretty long actually.
It depens on how many effects/panels/text bubbles I have to make, but I at least spend 45 minutes on a single page. This can go up to 1 and a half hours.
Pidgey uses Gust!! This must've come as a shock to the others!
Well. It is time for Pidg'.
And they make a run for it!
Let's see if the team is gonna make it out alive...
(well theyre main chars hurr durr)
@TheSpriterZ: Hiya! I don't know if you use Photoshop, but this is the routine I use:

1. I add text onto my panel (I always make my panels first)
2. I drag a rounded rectangle behind the text, this will be my speech bubble.
3. Then I use the pen tool to make a shape on a new layer above my bubble's layer, which will be my speech bubble's tail, and then I merge it down to the rectangle layer.
4. I then apply a layer effect-preset to the layer that I made some time ago.
These are the effects in that preset: (very simple)
- A 3px stroke
- Fill to 77%

There you go, my speech bubble style!
If you didn't understand that, just hit me up via Private MSG, I will make and send you a detailed tutorial with screenshots.
Oh shit! Emile, what did you do now!?
@TheSpriterZ: Dude! Of course not!
I never patented the idea of a "Pokemon Zombie Apocalypse", and I couldn't even if I wanted to.

I'll go check yours out!
After six comments of asking me when the next page arrives... I decided to return to this comic.

I am SO sorry guys, really, I am. It's just -- these comics, they take so long to make. One page takes about an hour to write and design. I just didn't experience the fun in making them as I once did.

However, I haven't had the chance to introduce the comic's villain. And I haven't shown enough Poké- and Zombiemon BY FAR.

So here I am, Chiyoi, returning to the Pokémon Zombie Apocalypse to set matters straight. As always, enjoy this page.
Well... Most of you guys were right. Loads of zombies!

I tried a new way of arranging my panels in this page. What do you guys think?
Oh my... What is this Emile and Brendan find? Any predictions?
Well, here is a page, again. I have been busy, but I will try to make more pages in the coming week.

It's almost my birthday, btw! (thursday)
Okay so guys, sorry for not uploading for so long. I've been working on all kinds of things - except this comic.
I'll be working on this comic for the next few weeks, so expect some weekly uploading from next week on!

Enjoy this page - Max, Emile, Kenneth and Brendan are splitting up!