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The information here was so old I decided to delete it. For lack of a better description, I'll leave it as is for now.
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I like the style but I think I like the expressions more in the original. This may just be because that was the original way I saw it. In the second one though she looks more confident about looking at porn. The uncertainty she had before was ... really amazing I thought to her character as she gained more confidence later on.
DAMN! This looks good, I love it.
Hey sorry I'm a bit late on the reply. The different art styles have a weird way of working for Alice, showing how her life changes and modifies. Though the pupil thing freaked me out for a moment (I just didn't expect it). I think either which way you go will be good, even if it's just a touch up.

I don't think you should be so hard on yourself though, recognize the amazing thing you've already developed. And if you want to make that even better, than yay, but the only thing I'd advise, is try not to lose that central thing that attracted us all in the first place. We were seeing Alice grow and change and evolve...
I feel a breakup coming along. Also, sorry for not commenting on the recent strips. I was viewing on my phone and haven't disovered how to comment yet. Instead... I stare at the comments enviously.
Am I the only one who wants to see this break out into an all out snowball fight with forts and everything?

Can't wait for the next few pages, I always like seeing how Alice's story unfolds.
Well, I knew the story with her wasn't over yet at least. Lol. The girl in the background with the phone is super cute though.

Also, calm down Alice, you're in a public place. No reason for you two to really talk to her, you know unless she wants to apologize. Also now I want coffee.
@Itoshigo: I feel like we are all suspicious of the ladies in Alice's life no matter what. Also has anyone noticed this comic matches up with How I Met Your Mother nicely.
Agree with everything everyone else said as well. Ultimatums are rarely, if ever, healthy.
You seriously made me fall even harder for Jane. She's so awesome <3
P.S. Have Fun on your holiday
I'm going to be different and ask Evaline and Jane a question.

Evaline: What started the arguement between you and Alice that caused you to leave the dorms? Is that why you left the dorm?

Jane: Will you marry me? Just kidding... My actual question is...and... a very very important question... Why did you kiss Alice so many years ago?
Well I absolutely love your comic. It's your story that really captures me at first. To be honest, I wasn't sure about the art. But I think over time it developed into it's own, and it's the type of art that grows on you. Now... I don't know if it's because the art has improved (which it has) or if I've just grown fond of it, but I absolutely adore it now.

Out of all the comics online, even outside of smackjeeves,I always check yours first. It's my favorite comic right now :)

So bam, some good feedback there. I think it's mainly the way you progress and tell the story. It's very real and it feels like life lessons of growing up as a lesbian. It's so good.

Also I love the way you interact with your fans, just that question above shows that. And you always reply back to our comments.

This page seems a little odd on the pacing though. Mom asking question to bam dyke haircut. But maybe I'm the only one who saw that jump as rather swift.
I have been busy and haven't had time to check out your comic in a while. What a pleasant surprise to come back to, they are so cute. Though I forsee a plot "twist".
Hehe I love this so much. I've been there though. When it's you, it's hard to see someone else liking you sometimes. Also dating profile, I'm guessing she got a lot of messages from men? Always seem to happen
I would totally buy that :D
P.S. I'm liking the scenery as well. It seems we see more and more lately - and it's awesome :)
Nice? Fun to be around? She's hot Alice! Look at her! She's so cute and adorable... I mean she's all of the above. On a serious note, Oblivious Alice is fun.
I liked her first year an Uni it was fun to read. I think on the second to last frame is missing a word "Somehow I had been left behind my friends" - perhaps it's supposed to be by my?

Anyways, hope you don't mind me pointing it out. It read weirdly.
@Mr Xvious: Best. Mistake. Ever
I remember Sue, I also find her grown up interesting. She's grown a lot herself, but at the same time, very much herself. This is such a great moment and I'm glad to see they resolved their differences.

Though I guess I always felt like Sue did what she did before because she was jealous of someone "taking her friend". I'm not sure, but damn you do great characters/timelines.