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This comic is great! Poor Venus...
I love your comic
I have been reading for a while and only commented once (anonymously). Just wanted to say that your comic is really underrated and great, and I always smile when I see an update.
August 7th, 2012
I only just found this comic and it's great! I hope you update soon. Just one thing, as a Hebrew speaker, I can tell you that the letters in חם are in the opposite order. It's a rather common typing error.
This has always bothered me when I was playing pokemon! Where does the rest of the tree go?
Nice page
The new banner is awesome!
Anyway, thank's for posting, can't wait for more.
Awesome page
I really like Atty's expression in the first panel
Awesome page, as usual... I love this comic so much!
I love this comic so far!Your style of drawing is great and the plot is really interesting. I also love it that you release them so often =]
Can't wait for more.
I like this comic
Thanks for posting =]