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I'm 20, Christian, and enjoy creating art and listening to soundtracks to musicals. I aspire to be a cartoonist/lyricist/artist/piano-player/singer!
Oh, and there won't be any BL in my comics. Not my thing.
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And that is the end of chapter four and, essentially, the end of the webcomic portion for the foreseeable future.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who read this and stuck around for the long absentee periods, and I sincerely apologize.

More on Monarchy can be found at, under the "Monarchy" tab.

Sorry for leaving it this way, and after so long, but updates would only be more erratic.

Thank you, again, for reading, and I hope you have got some enjoyment out of it. Heaven knows I liked writing and (usually) drawing it.

<3 all.

To everyone who stuck with it for this long: Thanks for sticking around.

@Galinda: Never mind, "bi yearly" is a far more accurate phrase. Hope you are doing well! :)
Tern's being traditionally Tern-ish.
Change! I switched the text for Tern because I checked it and, as someone noted forever ago, it is pretty hard to read. I've got nostalgic attachments to it, but clarity is nice too, ne?

@Galinda: Bi-yearly? No, like... tri...monthly... ish? Heh, I have been failing lately. :) I missed you too.
@ninjakitties: Hello! Thanks for sticking around.
awww... <3 Love the dialogue. "So he's going to... punch you in the face, okay?"
hi... :D?

If you ever get, um, tired of waiting for me to reappear, there are prequel short stories here:
They may be slightly spoilerific, but if you like putting pieces together in timely fashion.

The reason Monarchy is taking so long is I want to do right by Tern, and unfortunately, that means I do it when I want to. And... that can take a while. Sorry.

But thanks so much for sticking around and checking, if you do. Cause I'm glad if the comic makes anybody else happy. :)

In other news, Tern's a jerk. :D

In other other news, hi Galinda and 4thWarmasterKais. ^__^
Of hurry
Thanks for the welcome back. =) Can't make any promises on the update schedule.
I've got excuses, but no one wants to hear them, I'm sure. Thanks for sticking around, if you did, and sorry it takes... so long. =(
He's been staggering up that hill for almost SIX BLOODY MONTHS.
Poor guy. I feel bad. No cliffhanger should last that long. <_<;
A major apology to all readers of Monarchy for dropping off the face of the planet. No promises of updates this time, since I'm mad at myself for not keeping them before.
Thanks for sticking around. <3
The art has gotten more and more gorgeous with this comic. =) Even as the plot winds ever steadily upwards... *grin* Good job!
That... is an angry face. But I likes it. =D
Good luck with that Mark, we've already established Gio could kill you if he liked...
Oh dear.
Suppose I should have seen that coming...
I like this style of drawing them though. =D Mark looks so tall and impressive.
*interested interested*
Yay updates and plot-developing-ness. *purr*
I dislike baseball too, but I don't make that face... yay updates! =D
I love this page. =D The posing, shading, and particularly the illuminating dialogue... Yay~
yay update! In which we learn why they got detention... =3
Beautiful shading work, and I really like the dialogue. <3 Great job! The angel's indignance at being compared to Mephistopheles makes me smile...