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More please. :D
NOOOOOO!!! Why did it have to end so quickly?!!! T^T Please update soon.
I can't wait til the next - aw, what the hell? I'm just gonna come out and say it. YOUR COMIC IS FRICKIN AWESOME! UPDATE NOW!!! ...there, I said it.
Awwww! And it was getting goooood!
Manly frills... pffttt!! That is funny. I love your comic, and the new art style! :D
T^T You can draw hands really well. Lucky. I completely suck at it! DX
Ha ha! :D This reminds me of my dog. ~_~
MEGA CUTENESS!!!!!!!!! *hugs you in the most friendly, non-awkward way*
Lol. I love your comic; it's cute and funny. Also, Ryan Higga (sp?) made a parody ad of the snuggie under the same name a while back. :D
Lol. Omg! He's adorable. >3< <3 <3
OMG! AH HAHAHAHA!! This happened to me too. .... What? I was half asleep when I did it. XD
I can see that happening to me. One time, I had put a bowl of insta-oatmeal in the microwave, a while later it started burning, and that's when I realized that I forgot to put the milk in. ~_~'
I hate it when that happens. I've had those times when I see something and I swear that it's moving, but everyone else says it's not. Lol! :D
Kawaii!!! X3
This is getting too GOOD!!
SOMEONE'S always gotta disturb the peace. Lol!
Hell YES!!!
*_* I now have a new reason to like choco Pocky.
Ah HA hahahaha
Second to last panel equals EPIC!!!