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Ninja Kitten XP
Meow lets get this out there. Meow most of you know me as Paylos. Meow I don't like that name. So you may meow refer to me as: NK, Kit or ninja.

I like too draw and I love many animes such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh(original), Digimon and lots of other ones that shows aI have no life. Lets celebrate with Tacos and PIE meow.
MEOW!(super trupers quote)


Bre Ishurna the wolf


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I love your art style so much!!
Darkrai is so cute!
Is it bad that i don't like Wes as a Krokoroc. I saw him as more of a Riolu or Purrloin.

But I'm so happy it went this way! For years I thought N as a Zoroark was so perfect!!
Just read through this... damn it. Wht do I read horror and expect NOT to be fucked over in the end?
Where he think he going? Leaving poor cute Link behind to boot!
I LOVE the way you drew ninetales!
I knew you hadn't forsaken us! TwT
There're all so cute! Still loving the art and story to no end! ^w^
@cesium133: damn... well if that's the case, I'm taking Atty! He can pay me with by becoming my man servant and cleaning mah house!
Welp. We win then. Check the last page. XD
But geebus! Considering the Bikers never give you that much for winning, I never considered Cycling to be for the wealthy!
Synchronized shock. I love it! CX
Wow. even the dark side is on board!
Ninja Kitten XP
September 13th, 2014
Yay! its great to see you back! Your art is still looking great too!
OMG YAY! I love your art and this story so far!!!
Damn. You must be close for him to be going that far with no back lash! XD But that is a cute sloth! My plan, change your locks twice in the same day. That should keep him on his toes!
Its great to see you've reached this mile stone! Lol! Love the ghost cookies, and I like the way you perceive what a cubone looks like under it's mask!
Love the effect of the transition to the Vulpix! looks BA!!!
Ugh! This page is so pretty! I just love your art style!!! And the electro ball looks great!
Don't do it Atty! It's a trap! It's always a trap!!