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French comic artist, who, while drawing a comics about voodoo dolls and zombies, is a total wuss in front of an horror movie.
I like comics, anime, fantastical movie and Sci Fi and I'm trying to pass for a responsible adult the rest of the time.
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@Mystic Fire: Yeah, Mojo think that knives are useful. You can kill people with! :D
Well yeah, André and his family already loose a grand-daughter to the Witcher, they don't want to loose Naima or Sunday.
Chacun sur cette page a des priorités précises.
Surtout Mojo.
@Mystic Fire: Yeah, there is still some things even the Bayou inhabitants find strange enough to reach for the rhum.
Don't worry, dolls don't feel pain.

Sure, it's not a good moment either, but at least, Sad isn't in pain.
Yeeeaaaah, Sunday may be determined to kill the Witcher, but she lacks some skills.
Especially in discretion.
Sunday a beau être déterminée à tuer le Sorcelier, elle n'a pas tout à fait les compétences nécessaire...
Surtout en matière de discrétion.
Pif may have done it a few time before.
@Arkanth: Aw, ça me fait plaisir que les gens aiment ces persos!
@Mystic Fire: Oups there was a mix up, sorry about that! I put the right page in 38 and 39
Well, their marvelous friendship is starting well, isn't it?
Nan, mais, moi je trouve que ça commence bien leur amitié...
Ok, for real, Guilemma's magic is very limited. The worse she can do is give a slight shock to Bear.
But he don't know that.
bon, en fait, la magie de Guilemma est TRÈS limité. Au pire, elle filera un coup de jus à Ours, mais ça, il ne le sais pas.
He is alive.
Oh sorry:
Guilemma is a bit like a step-mother with the grown-up children of her husband:

She do her best, but sometimes she really want to smack some sense into them.
Guilemma a un peu le rôle de la belle-mère dépassée par les enfants de son mari:
Elle fait de son mieux, mais des fois, elle a envie de leur en retourner une.
January 5th, 2018
*se roule par terre*
Miiiiiiiiiii >_< ç'est finiiiiiiii, naaaaaan!!!
J'ai hate de voir une autre de leur aventure, ou en tout cas, une autre de TES aventures! :D Merci pour la lecture!
@Regina: Woops! Sorry! Here it's changed!
Joyeux Noël, hein!
@Mystic Fire: thank you! she is pretty cute this way, but she is ALWAYS cute anyway.