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French comic artist, who, while drawing a comics about voodoo dolls and zombies, is a total wuss in front of an horror movie.
I like comics, anime, fantastical movie and Sci Fi and I'm trying to pass for a responsible adult the rest of the time.
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See you monday for the first page!
@Mystic Fire: He is alive, I swear!
Er... animated I mean.
@Mystic Fire: Sorry, seven years and a half of making a comic about life death and everything in between gave a certain... flavor to my humor...
@Mystic Fire: Yeah, the Witcher is a complicated man but I hope chapter 6 will answer all the questions raised in the previous chapters.
And I just finished drawing chapter 5.

As planned, it will be finished on page 56, leading us to the end of May.
So, a little announcement, June is going to be the Month of The Post end of Chapter time Out, the comic will start back on July the 2nd with the last chapter of Here be Voodoo, the sixth (working title:  Brothers' Blood, or Blood and Ashes, still not sure)

That doesn't mean I'm going to slack off on HBV, but I'll take this time to work on the cover art and the first pages of chapter 6!
For the moment, have fun with page 54 !
Et je viens de finir le chapitre 5.
Comme prévu, il s'arrêtera à la page 56, soit à la fin de Mai.

Et donc, petite annonce, Juin sera le Mois de Pause Post Fin de Chapitre Traditionnelle, la BD reprendra le 2 Juillet avec le dernier chapitre d'Ici vont Les Morts, le chapitre 6 (titre temporaire: Le Sang des Frères ou Sang et Cendres, j'hésite encore).

Ce qui ne signifie pas que je ne vais rien faire sur IVLM, mais j'en profiterais pour travailler sur la couv et les premiers pages du chapitre 6.

Mais en attendant: Voici la page 54!
@Mystic Fire: Well, he just told the Witcher "hands off" so...
(Oh, shoot, I swear the pun was NOT on purpose XD)
Oups, j'ai oublié de mettre la page à jour la semaine dernière ^^; désolée!
@Mystic Fire:
Don't worry! Eshu is on the case!!! Once he will be done panicking.
@Mystic Fire: Na, he decided dogs are bad. Maybe with a living dog it'll be different though....
@Mystic Fire: Knowing him: something Eshu would strongly disapprove of.
Non, Sorcelier, je suis désolée, mais elle ne tient pas QUE de sa mère...
Sorry Witcher, but she didn't take ONLY from her mother side.
(I mean, Aisha was ruthless, no mistake, but your genetic did add a little something sanity wise)
Sunday vient de rater son jet de discrétion.
Sunday just fumbled her discretion roll...
Ca faisait longtemps qu'on avait pas vu le Sorcelier.

Il pête le feu, non?
Hey, Witcher, looking good! Still flaming!
@Mystic Fire:
Yeah, Mojo is quite easy to keep in character. Small, cute, innocent, obsessed with knives.
And yuuuup, the shit hit the fan like mad...
@Mystic Fire: Yeah, Mojo think that knives are useful. You can kill people with! :D
Well yeah, André and his family already loose a grand-daughter to the Witcher, they don't want to loose Naima or Sunday.
Sunday... Non...Ca ne marche pas comme ça...