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French comic artist, who, while drawing a comics about voodoo dolls and zombies, is a total wuss in front of an horror movie.
I like comics, anime, fantastical movie and Sci Fi and I'm trying to pass for a responsible adult the rest of the time.
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Let's play my favorite game: Who guessed it?
@Regina: Ha, and if that's happen again, check the official site, for reason I cannot fathom, the page is always the right one there.
@Regina: Corrected!
I don't understand, I've been doing that for eight years and it's only now I start mistaking the pages, what's WRONG with me?
@Mystic Fire: Indeed.
Also i put the page in French. Sorry >_<
Yeah, Teddy even got thread and needles in there.
Actually, Doc Patch filled his pouch up with tool before Teddy's departure for the Pit.
They couldn't let their "son" go without the maximum protection available.
Now, the Baron can take his soul away.
On va jouer à nouveau à mon jeu favori: Qui l'a vu venir?
Oui, Teddy a aussi du fil et des aiguilles là dedans.
En fait, avant son départ pour la Fosse, Doc Patch lui a remplit la poche de tous les outils dont il pourrait avoir besoin. Doc allait pas laisser partir son "fils" sans le maximum de précautions possible.
Maintenant, Le Baron peut récupérer son âme...
Et voici les cendres...
And here are the ashes...
@Mystic Fire: Sorry, the story had to end... Twelve pages left...
Je voulais mettre un lien vers la chanson du Magicien d'Oz: "Ding dong, the witch is dead" mais on m'a dit que mon humour noir ne dédramatisait pas tellement la situation.
I've been strongly advised to NOT start singing "ding dong the Witcher's dead"...
I've been told my dark humor is NOT dedramatisation...
@Mystic Fire: Because I'm a sadist? (In reality, no, I was nearly bawling when I draw this panel)
@CutieSchoolBoy: I am sorry. (Well ,no, it's part of the story, but well...)
La page que beaucoup de gens craignaient de voir...
@Mystic Fire: Yeah, he was probably in his early twenty when his brother died...
Voici la partie "sang" du chapitre...
And here is the blood part of the chapter...