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French comic artist, who, while drawing a comics about voodoo dolls and zombies, is a total wuss in front of an horror movie.
I like comics, anime, fantastical movie and Sci Fi and I'm trying to pass for a responsible adult the rest of the time.
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He is alive.
Oh sorry:
Guilemma is a bit like a step-mother with the grown-up children of her husband:

She do her best, but sometimes she really want to smack some sense into them.
Guilemma a un peu le rôle de la belle-mère dépassée par les enfants de son mari:
Elle fait de son mieux, mais des fois, elle a envie de leur en retourner une.
January 5th, 2018
*se roule par terre*
Miiiiiiiiiii >_< ç'est finiiiiiiii, naaaaaan!!!
J'ai hate de voir une autre de leur aventure, ou en tout cas, une autre de TES aventures! :D Merci pour la lecture!
@Regina: Woops! Sorry! Here it's changed!
Joyeux Noël, hein!
@Mystic Fire: thank you! she is pretty cute this way, but she is ALWAYS cute anyway.
@Mystic Fire: He is... the Sass Master! too bad noone is listening.
November 26th, 2017
Pas moi ^^,
@Mystic Fire:
Aw comeone, he is not thousand years old, he is barely pushing past two hundreds XD
But yeah, well, let's say the Witcher and Aisha's relationship was... complicated...
Well, now, she know.
@Mystic Fire: Yeah, Eshu is the voice or reason none of the others three has.( Yes, even Sad).
Sadly, like often with the voice of reason, no one listen to him.
Eshu et Ulf ont la même opinion au sujet l'und e l'autre: "c'est un maniaque lunatique"
(Il se peut qu'ils se soient mutuellement menacé de danser sur la tombe de l'autre)
quan dà Sunday, elle réalise peu à peu qu'il y a des conséquences à ses actions. Des conséquences mortelles.
Ulf and Eshu have the same opinion about each other: "He is a lunatic maniac."
(They also may have threaten to dance on the other's tombstone.)
Sunday is slowly realizing there is consequences to her actions. Deadly ones.
@Mystic Fire: One of my friend thought Ulf was going to be hit by a branch. As I told her: Not quite.
November 6th, 2017
:D je suis uber fanne de ce petit monde rempli de chtarbés!!
Ecoutez: si vous étiez fait de tissus, de coton et les-loas-savent-quoi-d-autres, vous aussi vous détesteriez être mouillés.
Look, if you were made of fabrics and cotton and the-loas-only-knows-what-else, you would HATE being wet too.
@Mystic Fire: If he survive this, he is officially as unkillable as the Witcher.
@Mystic Fire: He will be fine!... Er... In a way.