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@ForteTh: Thanks, can't wait to see this, looks interesting
hey forte, long time no see XD
Wow...I do not know what to say about my extended absence. All I can say is that life went to shit between then and now and it is just now slowly getting manageable. Enjoy the update and don't expect such a long period of time between updates, I'll try to get more updates in.

Comic wise: I know it probably sounds cheesy, but it'll work. Nazo might be in for it now, but who knows what Nazo has up his sleeves. Stay tuned! ^^;
Welcome back! Enjoyed the comic! XD
I promised a Comic before the end of the year and here I delivered on Christmas. Getting some progress in and all that. Anywho, I'll be trying to update this comic more, because I told myself that I will complete this comic and I intend to do just that.

Enjoy the update and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Oh and Stay Tuned! ^^

Note: Any comment claiming this comic is dead will not be tolerated and will be deleted after today
All will be explained in the news post.
Figured since I am on an updating spree, I update here too, considering no one else has...this place will live again!
Here I am, in all this madness...enjoy XD
I Figure, why the hell not, another go at this!
> open the armor cabinet and take the chest piece and a boss!
>hide in the a boss!
>sleep in Geda's bed and dream about Geda
>scream "Geda did it" and run away like mad
I completely forgot about this comic (along with all my other comics). I should get around to posting an update for this as well as my other comics
>suddenly run at high speed
>suddenly get smart and ask plant about doors
>ask the plant person about the 3 doors
>eat the alien
>overcharge the arm cannon and blast the alien