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Hi there~ I'm J.B
~I love to draw,read manga,watch anime,eat,sing,and
~I love Rock,Pop,Blues or any genre of music really except Metal rock (or is that how you call it?)
~I love the genres Comedy and Romance together sometimes..Fantasy

well there you have it....
Nice to meet ya...See Ya :)
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Why?! Why, Riona?! TT.TT Not the most beautiful friendship in the whole wide universe! ;______; <////3
WAHHH NEW BANNER Keep it up Matsu-senpai!!!
Both would be nice you can do it alternately or not whatever your comfortable with and what's do-able for you.And this is so beautiful and exquisite. The wire fence (chain-link) it traditionally done? because it's really amazing and professionally proportionate.The coloring was greatly blended and the textures are nice what texture do you use? wish that the next filler will be Haruna on the other side.
MIKI 0.0
Wahh!!! Mistress Miki!! what can I do for you? ha! lewlz and poor Haru-chan don't worry Fight on!!!!
And another exquisite work yet again Matsu-sensei! keep up the good work and kipsafe! :D
Ooohh Haru-chan...scary 0.0
Wahh an update yey!!!
And LOL gardening club...that was unexpected ^_^" Fight on Haru-chan!!!
Ahh ganun ba eh ako na bahala ui ako n lhn ba ang mg22loi or ikaw pa rin?
Hi again!
Hi uhmm another question uhmm do you make the cloud like (thought ones)speech bubbles here or is it still from MS? 0.0
yey an update and nicely done as usual
How do you do the font "JAPANESE"?
My Guess
He is the one on the back of Haruna..?
H-he's so Handsome !!!! ;v; >////<
KYAAA >///<
I can't and never will believe he is a delinquent I mean look at him that cute cute blushing face
>///< <----when I saw this!
And I must say that they do have CHEMISTRY!!!
Ehh?! After all this time he is still oblivious about his followers XD awww but I still wuv you Tatsuki >///<
Yey you updated..and with a new character too and the best part is he wears glasses...though Tatsuki is more cuter for me...:D
Kyaaaahhh Tatsuki >.< good job with the Dunk...
Wahh I love Tatsuki already and yey you updated! *^o^*
Arigatou and I'll be rooting for you and support Oresama no Kanojo!!
Ahh ok...Thank you Thank you so much this will really help me when I make my manga one of these days...Arigatou
Jeybee ♥
Really? thank you I was so worried that I was bothering you...It's ok I'm glad enough that you reply to my questions...Oh is that so do you draw it in a whole bond paper or you already cut it [the bondpaper] into the size [468x60]