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Zach catches a Pokemon!
@MJM: I didn't realize you could do that. Thanks for the tip and the support!
Zach's first Pokemon battle, part 1!
Thanks to MJM for helping with the size limit issue!
I really like how the site looks. Looking forward to see the next gym battle!
All of you said you liked the text bubbles, so I'll keep them like this! Thanks for the feedback!
Hopefully you will all get what I'm referencing in the last panel!
@PKNESS: I'm great, thanks! It's nice to see that a lot of people from DD are still around!
I changed the text bubbles a little bit again. I'm satisfied with how they look now, what do you guys think?
Take your time. Good luck with the tests!
@JoFro: Thanks for your feedback! Can you tell me what part about the new ones you didn't like? The transparency, were they too small or something else?
Surprise! It was Bulbasaur. Tried new text bubbles, what do you think?
@WarWithin: Now that you pointed it out, it really bugged me so I changed it.
@WarWithin: Yeah, I guess that panel looks kind of weird :D
A new chapter begins, can you guess what Pokemon that is?
A wild cliff hanger appeared!
*EDIT*: Character page has been updated!
In case you didn't figure it out, the first two panels are flashbacks to when Zach was just a little kid.

Also, I added a character page. There's not much at the moment however it will be updated when new characters are introduced.
The character page was heavily inspired by Pokemon: Emerald Quest's character page.
In case you are wondering, Zach and the guy in the PokeMart are indeed brothers.
Looks good, I'll be keeping an eye on this comic.
Not much to say about the comic itself, however I have some things to say about the "big" news about Pokemon X/Y

****** POKEMON X/Y SPOILERS ******

From what I've read, it seems that this new Pokemon is actually a new Pokemon and not a Mewtwo form. That's fine with me, I think it's better that way.
Even if it was a Mewtwo form, I wouldn't mind. While I don't understand why they'd give Mewtwo of all Pokemon a new form, I think this new form/Pokemon is really cool looking. When I first saw it in the movie poster or whatever, I hoped it was fake and though it looked awful. Now that I've seen how it actually looks, I really like it. Also, the video that showed it in-game using different attacks was freaking awesome.

****** SPOILERS END ******

Really looking forward to Pokemon X and Y, as you might have guessed.
Sorry for making you read so much. There won't be so much text in the future.