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Hrm, let's see...I'm a gamer, I think too much, I'm verry, verry sarcastic, I enjoy chick flicks and chick alcohol for some reason, and, um...I wear t-shirts.
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October 5th, 2006
Heh, fantastic as usual.

As for incentives, how about...Yuffie giving Barrett a ninja-wedgie.

Or just casting 'All Creation', whichever's easier.
Awesome. Just...

So awesome.
Wait, Wily made...yeah, that makes sense.
I like Luigi's *gasp* in the 2nd panel. That is a LOT to fit in one backpack...
Hm, Marvel vs. Capcom anyone?
Huh...Link's, what, 19 and he still doesn't know how to swim? Some hero!

Oh yes, and terrific comic. Faved.
Score, my favourite one (Moodidrop) gets centre stage!

Very interesting ideas on the Emotidrop game.
I love how Death is so happy about the peanuts.
I suddenly have a very good idea who the characters are...oh god, that's one bad loincloth-related image.
Emotibabies? Babidrops?
Congratulations. You've managed to confuse me. ...seriously, what the foozle?!
January 25th, 2006
It's true...we are.
Ooh, shiny cool. I want those Smash Bros. counter sprites. 5!
The depressing thing about this is that on forums, this is normal procedure. X(
Great comic, but isn't the Ryan sprite from RPG Maker?
While the fanboys heads explode, I'll explain. "The Bard's Tale" was a real old game on PC, and recently had a sequel made, where the main cahracter (The Bard) is a real snarky guy. The line for the game was "A quest for coin and cleavage", I believe. (Oh, and 5.)
*Points to showercap in 2nd panel*

Um...based on reality?
December 21st, 2005
That gun is so cool.
December 21st, 2005
Moodidrop is now my absolute favourite. *5*