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Hey, I'm Mickey aka Mcsnazzlepants. I love reading and writing. I hope to start my own web comic someday. My favorite webcomics are white noise, paradox, happle tea, plume, paranatural concession, and questionable content. I am always reading new ones.
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Omg. I saw you say that someone reminded you of something but I was like, nah, not me. And it was! I feel awesome now. XD But now I feel lame for having such a stupid username. I blame using the computer at 2 in the morning.
Boobs ftw!

But seriously I am not really a boob person, or a butt person either. XD I think I'm broken. I am a terrible lesbian. D:
Damn, I wish I could even get up as much courage you did. I can't even try to chat with a pretty girl... I run the other distance. I don't even watch her from afar. My biggest fear I guess is that she'll be straight. But I mean, what's the worst that can happen, right?

...I'm a wimp.
There's a girl at my school (lesbian, of course) who is always having sex, or so she claims but tells us she still has her virginity because there's no penetration. I'm really rather curious as to what kind of sex she is having. At the same time, I don't think I want to know.
Wow, I love you style. The representation of you has the prettiest hair. :)

Also, I agree... Penises look kind of like aliens. >.>
Ike is the sore thumb of that city... he just sticks out.

And I wonder what's with Sharks? What's special about him. I'll wait and see.

Also, I love Ike's expression in the second panel.
Ike in the first panel <3

That city is like an emo person's dream. At least people seem to dress relatively bright.
I have a feeling Ike will be 'different' too.

And I just love your word bubbles. the colors really work.
Don't lie... There was a well-fitting shirt in that pile somewhere. You just like showing off Ike's shoulders but I don't blame you.

P.s Love the expressions.
Ike needs to NEVER lose his belt because if those clothes are too big... well he's screwed. And that was nice of Sharks... maybe too nice. -shifty eyes- Anyway, love the first page.
Sharks = new fav character. Scars, headphones and dreads are my poison. Can't wait to see more of this guy.
I don't know why but really love how you made his necklace fall underneath him in his sleep--just more realistic, you know?
Make-out time!

At this point I think you might hate me. I love all the red in this page, and the pink diamond shapes.
Then he plants a kiss on Ike. XD

Sorry, sorry...I'll stop. Seriously, a great page and so mysterious.

And this question I will ask: Are there any chicks in your comic?
Skullwit! That was his name. -facepalm-

And I love the contrast between the two characters.

Also, what is with that necklace? Is it important to the story? Oops, sorry I'll stop asking questions and read. I'm sure my questions will be answered at some point.

That red-haired guy reminds me of that other red-haired guy (I can't remember his name). Are they all freaks in the city?
Barefoot dreams... my favorite kind of dreams. Love this page.
Dramatic... nice.
What? No explanation of powers? Now that's just mean. XD
Ugh, Chris... you're kind of INSIDE your desk. Just thought you should know.

And I love the contrast of the second panel. Chris is just so lovable.