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The awful bad webcomic I have posted has been deleted (by me) So that I may actually write a script and compose it properly. I've done a lot of schooling since I first started up "Dream Eater", and I am learning even more! Until the time comes that I have finished my program, Dream Eater will not be brought back until it is properly worked out in the traditional, organized fashion that I've grown very fond of as I learn about it.
Comics are pretty much my life, so I'm not going anywhere. Hopefully, when I'm not busy with the three year intensive I'm in, I'll have some time to devote to this comic of mine after next year. Looking forward to doing it right this time; Dream Eater will be back guys, You can count on it!

Until then, I shall remain lurking in the shadows of this basement apartment, constantly bothering the rest of you here with my comments, and reading these fabulous web-comics!
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AHHHHH <3<3<3

I have no words. Words are too difficult right now to express the things I am feeling. Too wonderful. this is truly a gift. Thank you for so much.
Ah! Thank you so much for these lovely pages as always Nieidanine! I always look forward to my Sundays because of this webcomic. Have a wonderful day, and rest up- You've worked hard!
Joa you dork.
They're grossly cute. You stop that.
I laughed a little too much at the "drawing us together" quip. I'm far too amused by the puns here.
That's a serious threat there.
Friggin' dorks. They're too much for me. I feel like Joa right now, hiding behind that corner of bed.
Dylan just has a common case of "Welp, there goes my life" Anxiety. Can't do a thing with it- except stand around awkwardly and not know how to deal with people XD
Hooray Social Anxiety!
They're adorkable.
They're so gross. I hate them.
Dylan.... those clothes are all the same. (I kid, but really Dylan.)
As if things aren't already really awkward between you two...
Joa, you're such a dork.
And then they both sit down at the kitchen table, and enjoy their respective meals ;D

Now All I see is Dylan trying to eat/cut his food with one hand, seeing as how Joa has other arm.
AHAhahaha! That little corner of Joa's face, he's so flustered. They're so awful. I hate them. (I love them. They're too damn cute.)
Maybe just a little.
Oh my gay. So cute.
Thats because he wasn't trying to be 'friendly' with it before- though now I suppose Joa can show you just how '~friendly~' this exchange can be ;D