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Goddess Artemis day I'll rule the world~.
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Goddess Artemis
November 18th, 2011
Well, as my username suggests, Artemis, goddes of the hunt and the moon, is always an option, or Athena, goddess of wisdome and miltary tactics. Aphrodite gets a lot of attention because she's pretty and the goddess of love, but plainly put, Artemis and Athena can kick some major ass.
As an aside, with Artemis you have the option of involving Apollo more directly, as he is her twin brother and they are said to have a very close relationship with each other.
Oh ho ho~, my perverted mind wants more after reading this page. >:3
Oh, alright. ^^; A lot of people have been magically going on small hiatuses lately, and half the time people never come back from those(or I'm just unlucky). O_o In other words, I love the update. Hmmm...Niya can haz rape? XD
Please don't go on a mini hiatus! >.<
I have to say this is very addicting to read. I love the quick updates too. X3