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...Break your stupid heart...

My screen name is a joke based on some usernames I saw on an old goth website way back when. I wish I could change it, I'm burned out on it.

I like strange. I also like terrible dark humored jokes.

I work a job in the medical field, which is very true. However, my patients are a bit unusual.
Long story, ask for details if you want to know. I'll warn you, my stories are not pretty.

Doom and Gothic metal are favorites of mine. Give me some old Paradise Lost and Anathema, I'm a happy chickadee.

If you're still reading, my avatar is the witch Vicious Whispers from the comic Serenity Rose. I'm probably going to update it with another image of her that I like.
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Oh that is just not right, nothing should be that cute fresh from the egg.

Can I hold Salami for a few moments?
January 6th, 2012
Of course the answer was in the FAQ... :(

That is way cool that you posted that in your FAQ, most artists don't have something like that. The little demonstration you posted on DA about your process is pretty interesting. I need to start experimenting with how to use a scanner and scratch board.
January 5th, 2012
Oh that doesn't look ominous at all... ;)

A quick question you've probably answered a million times before.

What tools do you use for your art? (Pencil, markers, GIMP/PS?)
I love, love, love the coloring of this page.
I love the nouveau art inspired cover.

That is an excellent explanation you gave. She may feel she is a monster, but it doesn't mean she has to act like one. If she wants to stay the same gentle person she was as a human, she still can. Just because she's no longer human doesn't mean she has to give up her humanity. Hopefully her time with Angela and Jinny will teach her that.

A tid bit, related in a way, just felt right to put this down.

By all logic, the differences of guilt and shame should be clear. We feel guilt for what we do. We feel shame for what we are. But is it ever really that clear?

Check out the april fools day comic. This is Pretty Soldier Tea and Super Sentai Moth.
Awkward is not a strong enough word to describe the feeling of being caught. It's one thing when your parents have a feeling or a shadow of a hint that something is going on, it's a whole other deal when they walk in and get a new mental image to burn its way into their minds eye while confirming what they suspected.

Dinner that night felt like five years crammed into two hours. Very little eye contact, and the air was thick with the want to ask questions, but not being sure how to ask or where to start.
Oh god, I'm getting a lead weight in my stomach worrying for poor Draco. Alain is going to shatter his heart, isn't he*?


A gag? Only thing missing is to replace the jar of lube with a can of crisco, and we've got the starts of something terrible.

@Daughter of Leo

At least you thought out the implications. In the past I've let loose with comments that after a few moments made me slap my forehead and mutter idiot to myself.

*If he doesn't have to kill him first.

You got me thinking of two stories.

The best "fake" story I ever heard involved a man and his girlfriend. As he was on top of her, he didn't notice her lean over to her night stand, open the drawer, and then pull out a vicious angry red dildo which she then promptly shoved up his ass as revenge for trying to make her go greek one night.

Maybe I'm not creative or flexible enough, or it could've been one of those intense sessions* for the guy where time stands still and reality goes bye bye, but I just don't buy it.

The best honest story I ever heard involved a guy who smart and dumb. He used a vibrator that included a power cord so it could possibly be easier to pull out. Unfortunately he shoved it too far, and he couldn't get himself to loosen up enough to allow it to exit out. The story he gave?

"I just wanted to see how far it could go."

Sometimes, I really do miss my old job. Stories like that beat out the rest of the stories that gave me nightmares.

*I'm talking about fucking. I try to be a little bit classy. I drink my applejack out of a wine glass, not a mason jar.
That hand is going places. Good or bad depends on what cranks your engine.


I am so glad I'm not the only one who had that suspicion. Good thing Alain is a doctor, most of the guys who screw up like that always make up the dumbest stories to explain what happened. Jeez, just tell the truth, you didn't think too far ahead when you "fell in the shower" on the shampoo bottle.
November 17th, 2011
For a page that makes you go "eh", I really like the design for Sisu you've presented.
That is the most conniving smile I've ever seen. If they're lucky, he only steals the boat.
Awww, she figured out Bernadette needed a hug, that is just adorable. Unfortunately she just put her neck within biting range.

@artificer urza:

I prefer novels and short stories as top picks, but I still have a soft spot for graphic novels and web comics.

On fanfiction, I think it really depends on the subject, the writer's talent and if they respect the source material. By respect my intent is when they have the characters actually act like they do in the source material, and they keep as much as possible to the world presented in the material. Sadly, many fan fic authors are just not that good in either one or both parts.

Fanfic that could be an origonal story:

I got to agree with you on how some authors are good enough that if they were to change the setting and character names, they could have a potentially fantastic story that I would love to read more of.

I know the feeling. I think the guys behind the comic are having fun with us on purpose.

Wisdom Tooth:

It was an easy joke, I couldn't resist. Even if she was built like something that escaped from Eiken, I'd make the same joke. Because I'm just that much of a dork.
Oh poor dejected pirate princess. Her project just isn't working out the way she wants it to... that robe...

Oh she's a brick house, she's mighty mighty, letting it all hang out.

I will never become a responsible adult :(

Sometimes, a picture of a naked woman eating grapes is simply a picture of a naked woman eating grapes. And sometimes tying someone up is simply just tying someone up.

And sometimes it's the set up for a creepy creepy German horror film.
The gag has is a ring for the cork...

GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU VILE VILE SEXY PICTURES! Gyeagh, I'm supposed to be better than this!

Watch, I'll not make a dirty joke in the next sentence.

Yeah I bet you got a treat for her.

I've seen this movie. This is the part where she pulls out the meat cleaver and the seasoning.

It may be cheating, but it's damned effective and surprisingly easy.
How are you doing the coloring for your comic? It's got a haunting style that I find just peachy keen and love.