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Well, I'm just here to read, so don't expect anything from me :P
sad that it's over, but it was really lovely and great <3

and I knew you were Airse from the style but I only just realized that your username here is Airse spelled backwards xDD /slow
it's hard to pick a fav one, because all of your characters are amazing and unique :/
but I think I'll go with Jun!
because he's very cute (inside + outside :D) and he cares for his friends. also, he's quite naiv and dumb and adorable :D
plus, the ciphertexting on his test gave him adorkable points!

oh, and also extra points for him being all sad and lonely but even though nice to Riona when Shichi "left him" for sir russel ♥

aw, and best of all: Riona and him make such a cute couple! (oh and did I mention that he's super cute.)