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@JKHoganBooks: Your comment with your icon is HILARIOUS! (I love Victor! <3)
Gawain then appears to punch Felix in the face! Saving the day! :D
August 8th, 2017
So cool looking!
*fans self* wooo!
Aww the hand holding really is sweet <3. I can't wait to see them in the future! This is a big step for anyone to take! I feel like things are about to get more interesting from here on out! x3
Aww, nose kisses. Damn panel 6!
It's all ready hot in here, yest they have no more clothes to take off. ;D
Congratulations! (now our two boys just got to get to that point too! it's going to be a long road I feel xD)
Aww Julian, what a sweetie. ;-;
They are both so cute!
omg panel three Zeggy! <3
Is he going to bake him a cake too, because there is a lot of sweetness in this page! :3
Offer a good time in Japan when I can't go?! Poo. ;-; Also I'm sure this will end well...totally xD Thanks for the update!
I'm really hoping for a reasonable explanation to this like his address is in a student registry book and not creepy stalking =/

Hendrix: *thought bubble* Don't look down at Julian's butt...Don't look down at Julians's butt..*sweats more* DON'T LOOK DOWN AT...

Julian: Another round of drinks for our lovely patrons on Paetron!

Blake: I swear, if I find even ONE picture of me online in this outfit, your ass is grass, Julian!

Jacob: I didn't know they made clip on bow ties! I feel so fancy!
Aww! <3
original drawing or fan-art sounds cool to me. Also really digging that light in the first panel. It looks really cool. :3
WELP! I caught up! This is such an interesting comic so far! <3
February 12th, 2016