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Jules, don't get beat up for this. xP Hendrix better offer to "take care" of the problem. Lol.
Stand up for him! Julian looks so bewildered in the last panel, it's pretty great. x3
Last panel looks awesome! Clearly the work you put in paid off! Poor Jules...he's so sad. ;-;
Aww Julian looks so bewildered in the last panel. I hope they will be okay!
They are both precious. Jules has got this! Trust him Hendrix. (Besides you all can totally pretend to beat him up now. xD)
They are so awkward. I love it. Also dang, Julian has a great butt in the last panel. Hendrix rocks the pink!
Good luck with the job! Also I'm loving Hendrix in that unicorn shirt. maybe that could be next year's Halloween costume x3
<3 <3 So cute! Thanks for answering the questions. Also homecoming is usually around the fall season in America where there is a football game and then a dance. Apparently alumni are also welcome to come back to the school to celebrate. (I always just thought it was a football game dance. lol never went to any of the ones at my school. Only prom.)
Hmm I'm not sure what to even ask! So many options. Okay, are Jules and Hendrix going to be able to have an okay school life? Pretty sure they are going to keep this relationship on the DL. As far as that relationship are readers going to be able to look forward to them having a conversation about it? Oh oh, one more xD Are they going to go to Homecoming/Prom together? (even in secret)
I like Thad's eyelashes. Do he use mascara? HOW would he even put it on?
Oh Micah nooo ;-; It's not the same!
@JKHoganBooks: Your comment with your icon is HILARIOUS! (I love Victor! <3)
Gawain then appears to punch Felix in the face! Saving the day! :D
August 8th, 2017
So cool looking!
*fans self* wooo!
Aww the hand holding really is sweet <3. I can't wait to see them in the future! This is a big step for anyone to take! I feel like things are about to get more interesting from here on out! x3
Aww, nose kisses. Damn panel 6!
It's all ready hot in here, yest they have no more clothes to take off. ;D
Congratulations! (now our two boys just got to get to that point too! it's going to be a long road I feel xD)