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Aww Julian, what a sweetie. ;-;
They are both so cute!
omg panel three Zeggy! <3
Is he going to bake him a cake too, because there is a lot of sweetness in this page! :3
Offer a good time in Japan when I can't go?! Poo. ;-; Also I'm sure this will end well...totally xD Thanks for the update!
I'm really hoping for a reasonable explanation to this like his address is in a student registry book and not creepy stalking =/

Hendrix: *thought bubble* Don't look down at Julian's butt...Don't look down at Julians's butt..*sweats more* DON'T LOOK DOWN AT...

Julian: Another round of drinks for our lovely patrons on Paetron!

Blake: I swear, if I find even ONE picture of me online in this outfit, your ass is grass, Julian!

Jacob: I didn't know they made clip on bow ties! I feel so fancy!
Aww! <3
original drawing or fan-art sounds cool to me. Also really digging that light in the first panel. It looks really cool. :3
WELP! I caught up! This is such an interesting comic so far! <3
February 12th, 2016
Oh boy, things are going to be not so good next page, I can feel it! I can see it on their faces!
October 29th, 2015
Ppfff! This is so silly. xD Thankd for the new page!
Welp....that happened. xD Why did I think it wouldn't? =/ Poor Joe and Alkaline. Stay strong guys!
This page is so colorful! Very nice! Hopefully Zeggy doesn't get all gross =/
September 28th, 2015
"Ooooohhhhh"indeed! So pretty!
September 21st, 2015
Ooohhh tease! Also thanks for the new page!
August 2nd, 2015
Looks amazing! Welcome back!