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This actually happened before part 1. Consequential story telling son!
This was my actual 21st birthday, which I spent at Tanner's house where we turned Blitz the League into a drinking game. It was a lot of fun until I woke up covered in my own vomit.
This is a public service announcement, don't cum in people's eyes.
This happened way back when that President Idol show was still on the air.
In other news: we are idiots.
Oh shit, another comic.
Oh shit, a comic.
I love Halloween.
But seriously, my multimedia in education class is the worst.
I legitimately believe that it's morally acceptable to beat someone to death as long as each punch corresponds to a bug.
I'm back with a bad pun.
My grandpa's surgery went fine and he's back at home now. So everything good on that front at least.
I slept probably more than 12 hours today and I'm still super exhausted.
Man, if I was capable of flirting I would flirt the shit out of my banker. I would be like:
"Hey, *whatever people say when they are flirting*"

Shawn: Thanks, it was a little bit better, I think.
I am doing these again, at least for the time being.
I do not update this comic enough. It is because I am the worst.

@David: Every day is stalker day!
My laptop charger has been dickish lately and wouldn't work all weekend so I didn't do comics. To make up for it I will do them for the next five days instead of just three.