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I hope I can make you laugh! I like drawing, cats, trains, electronics, and various nerdy things.
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One Punch Matt
We haven't forgotten this comic and our grand ambitions for it. However, we've been very busy and not made a lot of time for drawing in the past years. I have been slowly chipping away behind the scenes, but working 60 hours a week would tax the most diligent creator, and I am not the most diligent creator. Matt's medical career likewise leaves him with precious little time to devote to comics. Both of us strive to make others laugh through our hobby, but it's hard to keep the ball rolling with such a small-time endeavor. If you do happen across our weird little universe, tell us what you think! We have been weighing other ways to keep the comics flowing such as short, one-off strips. Thanks for reading!
Busting his Chops
I thoroughly enjoy comics that contrast new and old instead of gaslighting readers by pretending the art has always been this way. Seeing the improvement through the chapters feels like going on a journey and growing up with with the artist more than just recounting the anecdotes would. Also, I just like callbacks and running jokes. That reminds me: In high school, I did a group project on H.D.T. and transcendentalists. 80% of our powerpoint was focused on his facial hair in lieu of actual research.
The World Through Another Lens
Some day, science will cure Jacob's cataracts. Do you refer to this character in the first or the third person? My co-artist refers to his comic alter-ago by name as if he is his own little person. I prefer to think of my avatar as a less boring version of me.
I'm taking over this chapter for Matt. This is what happens when I make comics in sleep deficit.
Oh hey! This comic is back? When I saw your art, humor, and disdain for transcendentalists, my mouse started inching towards the Favorite button until the updates unexpectedly stopped. Apparently, my investment is not the kiss of death for comics. I hope we'll be seeing you and your comics around!
In 32 short pages, your art changes and improves noticeably. The colors are more vibrant, the mouth styles are a bit different, and you're using more dynamic paneling. It's pleasing to look at. Also, I like comics that poke fun at school.
Matt took some persuading, but TiB is finally ready to enter a new age of art! Because of the inherent time savings of sprite comics, you can expect more quality updates like this every 15 minutes around the clock for the next 60 years.
This page is a favorite of the authors. Matt calls that the "Family Guy fall." This is the second time in G&T I have used forced perspective for a joke.
It's good to see there is still a market for physical comedy! This comic has a lot of it, considering the highfalutin description.
Not one, not two, not three, but four references to other pages are included here. See if you can spot them all.
Free Men
If you have never played Half Life, you won't get the reference. Go play Half Life right now.
Burning Man
This chapter is turning out a little more disturbing than I anticipated. Is it too graphic? We generally try to keep the comics clever and classy, aside from the bathroom humor. Thirteen-year-old me would have a heart attack if he saw my first version of this page. I barely realized how desensitized I am getting. The bureaucracy jokes will resume soon.
Now back to the show!
I hope you all enjoyed our little April Fools mini special. I am still co-author and April 1st is in fact the anniversary of TiB. This comic was a little late getting out but I am still going to do my best to update Fridays.
That page Matt gave me looks an awful lot like our very first depiction of the Fun Police ever. The gifted teacher and room may or may not be based on an actual teacher and cluttered room.
Now back to the good part
Back to our freshman year of high school. This story takes place right after Damage Control and is my first digitally drawn comic.
The golden age
This comic was actually draw years after the events of our freshman year take place, hence our boldness with the Fun Police. It also makes reference to older comics featuring subliminal advertising, back in the days when nothing made sense.
And now for something a little different
This two-page short has been completed for some time now. After this, I plan to start with my next real story line, which is drawn digitally. For now, enjoy this homage to everyone's favorite doctor. No, not that doctor.
So ends my first story in the saga of TiB. Monday updates should continue, though. Look forward to another of Matt's storylines while I catch up.
I Lied
So this may be the last from me for a while. And it was a day later than promised. Sorry, but life gets in the way. I'll have more of this story as it comes. Thanks to anyone who actually reads this.
I see you
Unless I can get near a scanner, this may be the last you see from me for a while.

If you are one of the few fortunate enough to have come across our little endeavor, what do you think of it? Who actually reads this and likes it? This isn't pro-grade art, but it's a hobby and we want to share it with all comers. Any feedback from fans would be appreciated, if only so I know you're out there.
Paul "TheFunTrain"