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What is your opinion on your companions?
Why do girls like guys who look like girls?
and there he goe's... WE HAVE.
He survived? He's gonna be in the elite four.
How did he make a shot without any arms?
Wouldn't he die almost immediately at that temperature?
I hope DT burns the tree. That should be enough experience to evolve into a charmeleon.
Because people are idiots.
I thought that the Romans created the hour system.
No. It absolutely is not, but who cares.
Luffinpuff knows what he's doing. Eventually Darkblade will run out of oxygen and die of asphyxiation.
My character is much more epic. Here's a description I wrote on another website:
Name: Jon Anderson
Age: 15
Species: Human
Personality: A stupid genius. Uses sarcasm and complex words to confuse people. Hates guns, drugs, and using unnecessary effort.
Appearance: Wears an orange hooded jacket with a black arrow down the center and black jeans. He is 5 feet 6 inches with slightly paler than average skin, light brown hair, and light blue eyes. He wears tan boots and fingerless gloves, which have wires wrapped around the outer parts.
Power: He has control over energy (electricity, fire, and illusions,)
Normal talents: Good at video games. Skilled with polearms. Can sleep through class and still ace the tests.
Short bio: One day, while waiting for science class, he thought "Wouldn't it be freakin' awesome if i could control energy?" He concentrated as hard as he could, visualizing energy flowing around him. The person who sat next to him suddenly shouted "Hey! Why are you glowing!?" Jon opened his eyes to find that it was true: he had obtained power over energy. Shortly after, he dropped out of school so he could learn to understand and control these new abilities he had acquired.
Basically, he obtained his powers through boredom.
I just lost the game.
Because you sparkle.
Yeah. Girls have cooties.
He could have gotten there faster if he didn't smoke.