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Like to draw,read and watch south park etc etc
i agree with both Urusai Hana and Xeniwi McRose....though i don't know wether to punch him for making him suicidal or hug him for saving Pip
damn its so hard to choose...pun not intended O///O all my favorites against each other
super tickleness then out or dirty times
fail *face palms*
hehee drunk kiss/sex you'll regret is probably next
aww he's an awesome pillow, i would have thought the sleep wear would be small boxers and a large teeshirt
pip dont die!! u'll go to heaven and never see damien. good cliff hanger X3
is it bad that i want him to be with Theron now that they broke up? cuz they'd make a cute couple...would it be slightly incestuous if they do
what?! whats with mark tell me >:D
hehehe my response would have been either "....ummmm whut?" or "so?"
how can you say no?
lol i do that all the time and it works like a charm. especially on guys, hehe so foolish to trust me and my "innocent" gaze
oh alex *shakes head disapprovingly* mika is just trying to protect you COUGHjealousCOUGH dont fall into that bastards trap!!
Oh crap someones gonna find out or he's gonna get raped
Lol first comment :3 yay!
Well if he had turned to stone this would be a short story. If I were him I'd be kicking dani's ass for almost killing me but A kiss of death does sound romantic :3 *pretends to think about it * I still would kick ass tho Lol I'm always the guinea pig for class and
at home so I kno how you feel man
La'akea x Keani Is my preference their relationship is cute :3 I would hug La'akea and pat his head as a reward for kinda confessing his feelings but I don't want random shark jizz on me DX have an awesome vacation ^o^
Breathe mother breathe don't go into fangirl mode...or is it Alan spitting it out? Hahaha prostitute he's pretty enough to do it
Aww this seems like a good comic I hope u update soOn. I really love creek pairing so pls continue the comic. Tweekers looks cute in craigs hat :3 I wish Craig would just man up

:3 comment cherry popped
Haha maybe the fairygodmother guy from the shonen-ai fairytales came and let them play;D
Awww :3
Wow so many words coming from papa. I feel sad to have the person u love so close to you but they don't kno how u feel (been there:<) *glomps papa* I hope mama returns ur feelings...I agree with zombietoast mama would top but papa would have occasional topping
*glares at big sister..i mean brother* how dare you
*slaps big bro, then starts crying* he actually like you unlike some people. ouch that hurts