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@Xaryna: Or it would be, if someone didn't draw attention to it
@Guest: Judging by the completely different hair colours, I think they're all adopted?
Well, at least it isn't rats
Ok Atty, repeat after me:
"I need to get Dragonthing back."
February 5th, 2019
Good to hear you're doing fine
Congrats on new job & apartment
@Florance: Medication may seem scary and it might take a while to find the right ones, but get help rather sooner than later...
Also don't stop taking your pills because you "do fine now". Doing fine means the pills work, so keep taking them... That one is not personal experience, but I read so much about people doing this shit...

Also: before you drop out, apply for repeat tests on reason of illness and then instead of getting kicked out for failing classes, hand in a notice that you take a break from college due to illness. This gives you the chance to return when you recovered
@CallieMeetCallie: depends on how long we have... if we snatch him and then put him in a cellar, our weapon choice should be something in the lines of needles, syringes, small sharp blades (such as scalpels),... You know, stuff that causes a lot of pain before the subject expires
@Travelingpooch: He HAS been on the internet
His exact words were "get him out of my house!"
Nevermind me while I organize a hit squad on "father"
@Guest: All of them (moments)
@Alysa: I wouldn't bet on Adam
January 1st, 2019
December 26th, 2018
Best birthday present ever, eh?

best mug ever
look at all those costs you incurred by trying to save 5 bucks
December 23rd, 2018
I wonder which of the two is easier to blackmail with this :D
Gannet & Bailey!
Omg, you're still alive! I hadn't dared to hope to see your work again after y! went down