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The not forget to feed them is quite easy... however, when they notify you about wanting to eat, you may want to actively kill them instead... Or rather, when they cry for no apparent reason after they have been fed, changed and snuggled
October 15th, 2018
And this is why 24h clocks are better
"What girl would want this animal?" Someone clearly hasn't heard about furries.
Oh don't we all know it -.-
"Why would you want a guy when you can have a girl?" Are you lesbian then?
silence isn't consent, even if you ask
Bianco looking into his pants?
How are they supposed to take notes in this weather?
Sorry, we found no matches for your search term(s) compation.
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colmation, compaction, companion, compassion
September 21st, 2018
yes, he's annoying for your own benefit
such love <3
he drew a penis
I hope the act will include John smooching with both Iris and Sebastian on stage
Quite a powerful empath, being able to use his ability in remote conversations
Fiddle around with people's timelines? He's gonna retcon the comic?
Yay for racism
If he is Dr. Tel A. Kinesis, is she Dr. Term O. Dynamis?
I don't understand why people unfollow a comic just because it takes a while to update... Having it in favs doesn't hurt and once it does update, it's great.
The only comics I unfollow are the ones I don't enjoy anymore (so, not this one)
@maarvarq: Hrm, it DOES make for a great intro to call of cuthulu
@JovanW Yes, when they are bored
Sorry, but piranhas do not go into feeding frenzy from blood, they react to splashing and struggling
Also, they are not nearly as efficient as people like to claim based on a staged demonstration