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really guys... stealing a pizza would have been a less stupid and dangerous idea
Ah, so they put him against Roach on purpose
What could possibly...

Also: bigger boxes would just mean the pizza moving about during transport
The Evil got to Kinni's head
@Guest: A master of seduction
For some reason my browser security thinks your website was dangerous
bad security tool!
November 28th, 2018
Did that house already look like this last time?
Time to catch another ghost.
For food.
Will exorcise for food.
November 26th, 2018
Oh, so you're an oracle and can see the future?
How the f did they think splitting one pizza four ways would be enough?
How would he find his way home without his glasses?
As little real-life qualifications as my ex had (he was a Philosophy major and theatre enthusiast [now he's a Philosophy PhD and a Playwright/Director]), at least I could trust him with cutting veggies and stirring pots.
Also, before you get too jealous of the German language, here's two words we don't have
Awkward and anxiety
It's so awkward you can't even say how awkward it is, and according to my dictionary social anxiety is the same as social phobia
Trying to explain to my psychiatrist that I had a minor anxiety attack for no reason is gonna be awkward to do when it's translated to "fear"
@SkyOfTwilight: "gluck" is the German onomatopoeia for clucking, so Gluckschmerz would literally mean "clucking pain"... a pain so bad you start clucking?
In 28 years living in Germany, I've never encountered that word.
Also, quick online search only lists English sources.
If it was a German word, it would mean "the pain of being happy/lucky" (Gl├╝cksschmerz) or "the pain of clucking like a chicken" (Gluckschmerz)
Quick, you have to dry him before his straw gets moudly!
@DeltaTheUmbreon: Have we met anyone in this story who isn't homosexual?
Rudolph... Lucius... had to move... are they in witness protection?
so.. is Rudi angry or horny or both?
@NinaTheCat: Yes, DO cry. Let it out.
It's OK to cry when you're sad.
Do not put on a mask of smiles that is so fake that you need to cut yourself to keep smiling