@Fiedeke: though, I think the roles are mixed up
So that's how it is, eh Thad?
Great page, everyone already said all the good stuff
that's not what pubic hair looks like
Somehow I expect a giant Feraligatr
nobody outside of japan cares
Too far north? You'd think they'd like a place where the sun practically doesn't come up at all during winter
Is that Canon?
So it seems Joa only gets the short end of the "old rules" stick
All all just because of Max Schreck
Aww, I had hoped Joa would ride him
I'll have to get myself a vampire
"Hi Mrs. Dylan's Mom. I'm fucking your son... or... I plan to, we haven't actually done it yet"
So... they got this far without getting boners? What's wrong with these guys
it doesn't even occur to him to just open the curtains
*holds up 2010 phone*
@SoulRaider116: I forgot the names and I'm not gonna look them up, so here's the short version: Oscar Wilde had a gay lover whose father was mighty mad at Oscar for "seducing" his son. On the premiere night of "the importance of being earnest" said father planned to throw rotten fruit at Wilde, however, the author got warned and the father was refused entry to the theatre.
OH ARCEUS! Goerge, EAT! Your ankles will break like twigs!
The Truth About Prepositions and the End of Sentences
For everyone who would like a second look at the scene.
It's George's!
@Alexis_Royce: It seems patreon doesn't like donations under $1 (or anything that isn't a whole number, not experimenting).
So, instead of 50ct/week I set it to $1/week with max 2 times per month and manually set my reward down to the lower tier
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I really tried... not sure what's going on there