It's George's!
@Alexis_Royce: It seems patreon doesn't like donations under $1 (or anything that isn't a whole number, not experimenting).
So, instead of 50ct/week I set it to $1/week with max 2 times per month and manually set my reward down to the lower tier
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I really tried... not sure what's going on there
Sooo... are we SURE she's from the Holmes line? Or is she maybe from the Lupin line and only claims to be Holmes?
Would explain the transformation better than Holmes does.
After 5 years, finally an update and this is it? I am disappoint
pff "Yuri on Ice" more like "Yaoi on the Rocks"
for everyone who hates typing out the address instead of just clicking a link:
Lighthouse huh... help out a lazy guy with bad memory and post a link please

Edit: Not as lazy as I thought... OK, it's not-Bill
Well, it was not a combined Species and Sex Change potion at least
@Hydra: I was expecting his boss
@Quadrant: side effects... oh wow, he's going to turn into a lady dragon, won't he?
As I learned from "Who killed Sherlock Holmes", Holmes (and thus his linage children) has the ability of perfect disguise
Nobody mentioned a transformation scene, but hey, why not
I'd say Sailor Mars, but she's not in public domain yet
Hello Boss
Great page
there's an "A" missing in "accept" in the past panel though
Oh right... that Evee you stole
@Syntras: *Jumpcut* Never gonna give you up♪
(And now the whole community hates me)
What these 2 above said
@Syntras: Narrow streets of cobblestone
@Pangoliath: Left its seeds while I was sleeping