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Go sleep
for like a week or so
November 27th, 2017
I remember that time of my university years
Go to a psychiatrist and get retroactively written off sick for the semester
He's surprisingly calm and rational, reaching for the blanket with his powers
When did he throw oil?
November 13th, 2017
Aww, it's so cute!
Oy! Dicks are great, don't compare Ghetsis to such a wonderful part of anatomy
@Wall_Spider: And that's just the start of it
Heinz? [insert Doofenshmirz here]
what's that box?
Really? In 4 years nobody said it?
And make it double
Missed oppotunity for a Sailor Moon refference
When someone chokes you and you can't escape, pretend you're dead. Most people don't choke people regularily and stop too early.
It doesn't count when it's a toy, silly
Only real meat counts
Atty used Dragon Rage
It's super effective against someone with only one hand that's currently full and can't go for the gun
♪Secret Tunnel~ Secret Tunnel~♫ Trough the Mountains~♪
August 26th, 2017
And here I thought those quacks usually go for female since "it's easier to dig a hole than to build a pole"
To think the one quack who puts in the effort does it to the wrong person...
(Of course, either way they're quacks. subjecting a newborn to surgery just to make them fit a norm is bad.)
@SHIPLORD: I wanted to ship them too, seeing them next to each other with "celibate"... but then I remembered Quenton doesn't deserve it
at age 17? I was so sharing beds and my family didn't mind, as long as I introduced the guy first
Did you know cutting someone's hair off against their will counts as criminal assault?

This page is really powerful, it had me pacing my apartment for at least a minute, eat some chocolate and drain a glass of juice and I was still far from calm after this.
Great writing, horrible sister