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That's a bit harsh...
Give him a couple minutes to recover, but don't make it sound like he did something wrong
Coach really needs to learn how to keep his boys' spirits up
Well, that should do the trick for kickstarting
August 16th, 2019
good idea, just one problem: fresh wood does not burn well. Too much water inside
This reminds me of another Animal Crossing comic... :D
How am I gonna believe that when you smirk like that?
Please don't fall off the balcony!
better... still... I don't like him, he hurt Adam's heart
His standards being "not reaching higher than my nipple"?
Since he's providing alcohol I guess he's 18+... asking his younger cousin to score him some underage gay... engaging rage mode
"How do you like my Halloween costume? Since we run a horror shop, our costumes need to be super realistic."
Yeah, cats will save you while dogs just want constant attention
can't be that hard, the song's only 2 notes ;p
Did he send to the wrong number?
@jsmccarthy: Including the pimple?
August 10th, 2019
that's a really bad case of parasite infection
he's going to say lower until he reaches the D ;p
His charm didn't work, but his charm~♥

The f is this font, making a tilde look like a hyphen?
Oh no! You hit the reset!
August 8th, 2019
Eh, drones probably can...
But I imagine a bee in an ant colony would just get eaten
Who cares? It's your prom, so it's not like you have to see these people every day for a lot longer. Let them make assumptions, or just come out
Happy birthday Emmie!
Have some sheep-shaped cake with rock candy!
And a sheep-wool sweater that makes you look like you have wooly fur yourself!