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Quite a powerful empath, being able to use his ability in remote conversations
Fiddle around with people's timelines? He's gonna retcon the comic?
Yay for racism
If he is Dr. Tel A. Kinesis, is she Dr. Term O. Dynamis?
I don't understand why people unfollow a comic just because it takes a while to update... Having it in favs doesn't hurt and once it does update, it's great.
The only comics I unfollow are the ones I don't enjoy anymore (so, not this one)
@maarvarq: Hrm, it DOES make for a great intro to call of cuthulu
@JovanW Yes, when they are bored
Sorry, but piranhas do not go into feeding frenzy from blood, they react to splashing and struggling
Also, they are not nearly as efficient as people like to claim based on a staged demonstration
@ZSnazzy: I thought it was more of a :3
@Raen: That too, but that is already pointed out by the comic itself
dat butt
Oh yeah, suck that hotdog~
How presumptuous
Both my dads work. And they take turns cooking dinner.
"take them, do the portraits, and never give them back"
Did Benard get a haircut?
@TranshumanAr: I beg to differ
SOME people are into that
though, probably not out of nowhere and by a stranger
Actual Demon :D
@Adaren: I'd remember it for the way back, not grab it before I know if there's an owner around

That gem is cut and polished, not naturally occurring, so someone must have brought it there
Took all of two seconds to forget the "not stealing anything"
suddenly I hope John DID decide to join the orgy eventually