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Oh ya, I forgot he's actually evil... which makes me wonder about the dog, aren't dogs more perceptive to people's disposition?
it partially melted and refroze into solid slush? Making it a really cool rock-hard dick!
Well, guess rubbing it a lot is the only way to make it go down ;)
People talk to pokémon all the time
Since they follow commands, they obviously understand human language, even if they can't reply in a way YOU understand
We talked about the rules at the begining of the chapter >:o
More afraid of mobsters than of monsters...
@reddog_f13: I've seen people include audio files in their webcomics
I honestly find it very annoying since I tend to open webcomics that update on the same day in tabs simultaneously... and then spend way too long finding out where to music is coming from
Wow, I didn't know this had magic
Eh, I don't really have anything I'd like to commission, but if you have a patreon I'm willing to send 1 or 2 bucks/month your way
Or ko-fi, since I hear it doesn't take as big a share as patreon
Noone in the comments picked up on him mentioning Dark?
Well, 6 years later someone noticed.
When he says halfling... does he mean like a hobbit or a mixed blood?
How about you tell them about your discovery
I have a few ideas where he can stick it :D
Is he jealous of his gay friend stealing his girl or of his girl stealing his gay friend?
Damian: Can you shout my brother's name a bit less loudly in your head? I could sense you from half the town away.
That explains why he didn't sell the bike to study a bit longer
just roll it off
And this is why I'll never move into a ground floor apartment (owning a whole house is rather rare where I'm from)
I hate when people take it as "leave me the hell alone asshole" when I am not ready to talk about something, or don't have words for it
dude, he fucking knows
You tried to kiss him
best dad
he forgot about the lube tho