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@Eyrist: Nope, we leave that to your imagination! ;)
@Eyrist: You got a good memory!! This was our comic before Spurs and Stripes! ;D
@Shannon: Hmmmm.. I'm thinking perhaps the ending seemed abrupt because we didn't properly announce it was about to end? So maybe it came as a surprise. Also, it had been planned since the beginning though (as opposed to 'hey, we don't know how to end it. here's a good spot.' etc). So if those 2 reasons don't help, just think of it as Lucky got the 'bad end' of a video game XD

And the kiss scene was part fanservice, part seeing into Lucky's mind of his current situation. How he saw Oliver at the time of the dream. Insert long, detailed analysis here. lol

And we've thought about a sequel actually! Sort of a cat-and-mouse, Lucky-vs-Evil Oliver kind of thing. But it was more just what COULD happen, rather than plotting out a potential storyline.

Anyway! Thanks so much for reading and enjoying it enough to stick to the end! Our next comic definitely won't be as dark but hopefully has the same dark/snarky humor :P
Thanks, everyone!!
So, Bettencourt is officially over! It's been an insanely fun ride for being our first webcomic.

I hope all of you have enjoyed it as much as we have! I know I'll miss reading everyone's reaction comments and creative theories on the story (which reminds me, feel free to ask any questions-plot or otherwise- that we may have not answered/just implied and we'll try to wrap it all up for you!).

And now for the good news! We are well underway in starting our second webcomic! This will be a complete 180 from the horror genre and go full BL (in full color!). So much so that we're starting everything over. New Smackjeeves account, new pen names, the works.

When and where is this happening? The comic will begin JULY 31 on this account:

Again, thank you guys SO SO MUCH for reading Bettencourt Hotel. Oliver, Lucky and everyone else were very happy you stopped by. Please keep in touch!!
Please visit the store and at checkout put in FINAL35 to get 35% off your purchase. We will close the store at the end of the month!
So this is the end for Bettencourt Hotel!

Stop by Friday for our final (possibly teary) goodbye and some very exciting news about what's to come in the future!! :D
@lunabob: Yup! Blood in his hair from the Executioner throwing him through the wall earlier. I believe tumbling down the stairs didn't help either. :P
@kidcthulhu: This made me literally lol at work! Makes me wanna draw Oliver wiping juice off of Lucky's jacket now XP
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@Yo-Yo: Set in 1959 to be exact :)
To those confused
on who Mengele is, reread from page 209 ;)
Oh dear! *passes out inhalers to everyone*
@midnight_writer_shadow: Another comic? We may have some plans ^_~ More on that later..!
@filiasan: Don't worry, we have no plans to take it down! :)
Hello everyone!! Many things to share! 1. This month, Bettencourt will be 4 years old! Yaay! In bittersweet news, the next chapter will be the last chapter of the comic.

In other GOOD news, we've decided to celebrate all of this by uploading twice a week from now on! So Bettencourt will now update TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS until the comic is over. :-)

So check back Tuesday for the start of Chapter 10!
@CutieBluePie: There are lots of nights no one leaves their rooms (hell, there's a few nights where there's only 1 or 2 guests in the whole hotel period). The Executioner doesn't NEED victims in order to stay alive. Hope that might help you out! :)
For our 4th year anniversary of bettencourt we are celebrating with a sale at our store! Check news for details!

Thanks for the support!
@crossstitch: Thanks for the congrats!! To be honest, we didn't even know we made it to the Comic Spotlight page! (are they supposed to tell us these things? Lol)

So an even bigger thanks should go to you and everyone else who reads and supports this lil story along with whoever put us on the spotlight page! (or however the heck we ended up on there!) :P
Hi guys, please check out the news page! We have some announcements regarding some new cool stuff for future sale at our store! Feedback is appreciated! :D
Happy Halloween, everyone!!!
What is happening, this is a horror comic and today of all days we get the furthest page from scary! Sigh. Timing was never my strong suit ;P