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Recent grad with a BSc in Chemical Physics. I like anime and webcomics and hope to create one someday! (If I can decide which story to write >.>) Until then, I'll be doodling away and appreciating the creations of others.
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I hope you got some rest!! And poor Xan :(
January 28th, 2018
Yay comments!! I've been wanting to say how much I've been enjoying your comic! It's so cute so far!!

I love Vera's expression in the second last panel!
Glad to see you're back! I think the traditional ink looks great!

I wish you the best of luck in finding a good job. It's tough but I believe in you!
The lizard's face in the last panel is priceless!!
Aww Riza's expression is so cute! And I love the lighting/atmosphere in the last panel.

I hope all your moving goes well!
I do not have a good feeling about this page D:
I'm glad your computer troubles got sorted out!! As for the icicles, I don't suppose they'll be nice-icles D:
Alas, poor Mario!!

Ahh I'm sorry you didn't get many entries - I do have something in the works still!! I didn't get the time I wanted to work on it last weekend unfortunately, but I definitely will finish it! (when...that is another question...)
@Hazumirein: Thank you!!! :D
I do want to enter! I just..can't decide who to draw XD I was thinking of Nirako and Twyla, but I can't remember what chapter(s) we see Twyla in.
Looks like Daemian got a bad egg! (or at least a cold one)

I'm going to a Yuri on Ice fan meet this weekend!! Skating and katsudon!!
Ah curiosity! A dragon egg perhaps? Or a cool bird egg? Only time will tell!
A round of applause for 10 years!!! Congratulations!

Also I don't know if I've said how much I love this picture, but every time I see it I'm like 'Yeah, that's really nice!'
November 22nd, 2016
Aw, I'm sad to see this hiatus! However I understand you wanting to focus your creative talents! I wish you all the best on writing your book! I'd love to read it someday :D
November 8th, 2016
@Bero: I totally feel that haha some of my older work I just want to tuck away so nobody sees!
November 8th, 2016
Throwback!! Ah that makes me want to go back to the beginning and reread this :D Start the next chapter with everything fresh in my mind~

Congrats on finishing another chapter! :D
October 31st, 2016
So many trees! And a very large house! And people who know they're coming. Dun dun dun!!!

Looking forward to next week! :D
October 17th, 2016
FRANCES NO XD (well I guess she doesn't need a periscope)

Good luck studying!!!