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October 17th, 2011
Oh my!! <3 things are getting hot!~
October 17th, 2011
I love this page >w<
October 3rd, 2011
I love Craig! he's so awesome in this! and like, a good friend lol
Lovvee that smile C:
and yeah, I would totally rather have b&w pages than none at all!! though its like shocking how different it is from your usual colored pages
aww! brotherly love <3 Hades and Zeus are so cute hugging!! X3
lol ohhh mr. janitor! you sneeky little weasel...
did anyone realize that Hades had taken a potion? o.o"
or am I alone in the 'hu? what potion?' department...
you are amazingly awesome.
lovvvee ittt! "world conquest?" "what- NO."
love Stan's face XD
tickling is the greatest weapon in zee world! RUNNNNNNN Kyle!!!
and Kenny, I love you and your methods of getting the truth <3
Take 2!
Take 2! Though, really can't blame Chronus for wanting another kiss, I mean with a face like Zeus's?
But no wonder Zeus grows up to be a total creep/asshole/all-around-jerk, I mean, emotional scaring much?
now THAT is dedication to ones mission! lol I love Hades and Metis' expression like "wtf man?! WTF?" (though Hade's is a bit less, you know with the show little emotion thing he's got going at the moment)
haha I was thinking along the same lines XD

but poor Hades! hmm who could it be? I'm thinking from the hight, and since their together, maybe Demeter and Poseidon?
the girl could be Hera or Hestia, but I'm thinking Demeter...