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DJ, Producer, and Cosmic Adventurer.
What about... Indiana Jones?
Or possibly Ross Geller?
@ryank_119: Is it just me or do they look a little older?
Holy crap. I'm excited for this.
Yes please.
You show me the link, I will buy that shirt.
I knew he could still do it! Chomp'n trees!
Oh shoot! If it's using bide, that's ingenious!
@ryank_119: Not sure, I haven't seen them in a while. Mostly it's those pickle ones.
I wish ketchup chips were still around. I'd combine them with the pickle chips and some barbeque chips and it would taste like eating a burger.
No problem! It's a great comic. Hopefully some of our fans head your way. I think this part got cut out in editing, but I want to commission you for some album art sometime soon, if you're into work like that?
Love this comic.
I recently stumbled across this comic and loved it so much that we had to talk about it in my podcast. If you want to hear it, here's the link.
This whole story line is just so good.
@ryank_119: Well, we didn't really pry for more info. We pretty much said, "Well, we will let you know," and then left. My guess is she lived alone (except for the cats) and no one checked on her.
Get out of my head!
When I was looking for an apartment for my first semester of college, we went to this one place. The house smelled terrible. After some questioning, we finally got the real estate agent to tell us that the previous owner had died, and no one found her or her 37 cats for a while. Also, the place looked like what you drew. Needless to say, we kept looking.
I don't have kids, but I do that every time.
Punch the tree to get logs. Then make a crafting table.
I know right? Pretty much all the servers are going to reset! :<
It's so addicting that I bought another computer to run my own server and I can't get it set up... sigh.
I understand.
That's pretty much the same reason that I do nothing now...
How easy we forget how we used to be...
I couldn't find the pen I usually draw with, so I had to digitally darken all the lines. I hope it doesn't look too terrible. :D
Our hero's finally spot the antagonist of this story. And he looks real mean. How can they fight a vicious alien?