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I'm actually trying to make a comic, buuuut I still think my art it's a lil sucky and I'm a f*cking procastinator! D:

Someday... lol
OMG! OMG!! I'm dying here!!
Don't say that! None of your post were boring!! Your stories are great!
Oh my glob! This sounds really awesome!! *__*
I could see this coming, but now that it has... *_____________* ahjsioahsoiaus OMG OMG I want the rest!!
Of course your comic will reach 1000! Even more fans I may say!
I mean it's so good!!! *___*

I feel so bad for Sasha!!! >< He is such a cutie pie!
OMG! They are so fucking cute!! <3
Oh! But I do love your comic anyway!! x)
OMG! Jake is such a dick! D:
OMG! I really love your work, I really do! I wish I could buy it!! *__*
Your art is so awesome!!
And I love your comic! <3
blake this is a big no no!! o__o
I like the way she goes right to the point! hahaha
Hahaha way to go Janey! :D
Oh Ruthie is such a cutie pie! :}