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Well i like to write... and to draw.... but I'm unproductive as hell and so I try to raise this by doing webcomis xD

Wanna try 3 things atm, Anth Rocks, Unpopular Girl and Hito, last two are storys of mine or to be correct, one is a somewhat of a resume of my life xD

well yeah... I'm being uncreative writing about myself now.. kthxbye
I love how he tries to bring up a big smile even though he's probably dying...

Really marks his character as a generally happy and goodwilling person.
Ohh, so seeing Cosimo again made her...different?

Also, when Circe told the sisters, she had found the white witch, Colapesce said that illusions should never meddle with love, because love is too strong to be put under a spell. Might that have something to do with her love for her daughter (and possibly Tel)?
Beeenie! An also, wow, overcompensation much in case of the breasts...

Deda, I have a question. In the story castalia and Kane said at one point, that Circe's facial features constantly change. Is this on purpose, so she can take on different roles or is this a consequence of her lesser trained ilussion abilities?
Yes yes a thousand times yes! THANK YOU DEDA =D
Awww, look how confused villy is.

I really want that print Deda, but your poll confuses me. Why do I order my price range up/down? (and how?)

btw I'd be more than happy to pay up to 40 bucks for a full volume of Pirate Balthasar and Gem each!
I can't believe for how many years I've been followin this webcomis. I already noted, that I want a print and possibly an omnibus. I resigned buying them from other artists previously, but mainly based on how they treated their community. You are a wonderful person though and I would gladly spent a lot of money on this comic. It's amazing

Also, I REALLY wanna know about bologna and how Kane nailed Circe for a while

Can we also get an updated Family tree? I made one myself a while back, that was okay but not up to your par ;D
So Circe got her name from Kane's favourite Fairytale/Story (Odyssey for anyone curious)

This is rather interesting... Shows that there was not only hatred, I mean she treated him like her own little brother after all
@basia122: Nah, I think he has to take his son out, which is why castalia said "When the time comes I will follow the child" Otherwhise I would guess he would be raised as a white wizard or such xD

I guess Dora will stay, because with her memory loss it would be hard for her to adjust to the new live or to the confrontation with her son.
Does Vesuvia have a different nose than before? Her mean look seems so new
AHHH Those couritosities! The Deal! He can only take ONE person with him and then what Gemma said, it's all coming together, it was never about Dora!
I love how you put his name on here, because you knew we'd all forgotten it!
@Bibi: Problem is, we're still missing what happened in Bologna, seems like a lot of shit went down there.

I'm asking myself currently, how "Iforgothisname" knew Circe since he was a child. Is he one of the other witches' children? It also seems like she tried to turn Castalia into another version of her daughter, which makes it really really weird.
He's gotta stay there until she gives birth? They BOTH gotta stay there?

I don't get it... one the one hand, Circe seems to have ditched the old rules, on the other she seems to have kept some. What now?

And just what is he "rub rub"ing.... (I guess we don't wanna know)
@dedasaur: It's a joke on a wolf name. Do you know these images, where you look up your date of birth and month and then figure out you "fairy name" or "horror movie name"? It's the same for fantasy wolf names, only that a certain number combination resulted in Moon Moon as a name, which sounds slightly stupid.

Thus the "Moon Moon" Meme was born, which often captures pictures of wolfes behaving stupidly, as if slightly retarted. Just search for it on google ^^
Can we PLEASE see more Athena, she's gorgeous and feisty and I love that =D

Also YES I was right. (And to remind everyone: Cosimo was also done in one night before castalia got her ship. Powerful loins indeed!)
At first I thought Wolfy's suspicion, she didn't get a full night of sleep, was just from out of nowhere, now it actually seems that something's wrong with Gemma o.o

Either weariness or actually sickness... Which reminds me of "When the time has come I will follow the child" BUT then I try figuring out how much time has passed since they last slept with each other...
She's just gonna lie there, sleeping and drooling. I really wanna see Gemma like that, would be super cute.
Aww, her appearance changes just like Circe's does often.

If she says she would like to finish her studies and find the new pirate king, does it mean she is actually incontent with her current situation? Maybe she feels distressed because she can't lose the feeling castalia left in her and sho she can't just live on in the Circeius...
@Wolfy share your answers with us!

I think I am missing out on something again. Everyone's like: Ooohhh reveal
And I'm just sitting here like: What, now she cries?

But I really want to see true Circe and her curly hair =D