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not much to say really. i like to draw, read and all that stuff that all SJ users do. that's pretty much my whole life. save for video games. i like video games. i'm working on getting a comic up, but who knows how long that'll take. not I. certainly not I.

i can tell you what i don't enjoy. my brother's friend moaning, pretending to be gay...he's doing right now...
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everyone was asleep in my house, i didn't realize till after i was done that there was no toilet paper. im glad i had my laptop...had my friend that lives 5 states away call my house for toilet paper...
uhhhhh....where is that tentacle coming from? >/////>
January 15th, 2012
i love you
lmfao! you, ma'am, are a true homestuck. what a way to end a comic. but omfg, im still gonna go crazy about that whole cosmic energy thing, and the fact that that looks like Hirn just killed Sunny with the cosmic energy Herz had? jaoihjfiwnegivuenk

will you marry me?

all of my favorite webcomics are discontinuing...but normay i dont comment becaue all i would b able to say is the generic things about loving it so much. i really cant think of anything to critique because i would only end up, in the end, pointing out that your style isn't perfectly realistic.

i know that's pretty much what everyone is saying, but i realy feel bad, i mean, if dissinterest and lack of time were the only reasons, then so be it, but it's partly because we didn't participate, and for that i'm sure everyone's sorry, judging by the paragraph long comments.

if you're final desision is to stop, then i guess i'll just say it's been great reading, and good luck with everything! though i would like to know what happens to Hertz. i'm sure everyone would apreciate a small summery of the end [if there was even one in mind]
January 6th, 2012
this is so cute!!!

[but you missed coloring the ground by Athertons arm pit]
@[/Max] <3: Joshua was suicidal and always so depressed, remember? and he seems to love Daniel, so Matt is scared of how he'll react to him telling him the truth. it isn't exactly somone who's in love will even believe
holy shit, i was just spazzing yesterday wondering when you were gonna update, and i wake up to this!! i love you! C:
first WWfB and now BD? sad...

honestly though, my first reaction was "no, they gotta be trollin us. they're all in on it!" lol
You're breakin mah heart girlie! i would be so suspicious of a brank if it weren't so far away from April >.>

i still wanna know what's gonna happen to Lucas though....

[at least you didn't pull a Tessa]
December 12th, 2011
Atherton's checkin out that sweet piece of ass too, huh?
best picture. lol, Hellooooo nurse!
-cries all my tears. all of them-
Herzy, bby! i missed you!!! <33333
i dont know how to use tumblr!! but i drew a picture for you. -herz-and
October 5th, 2011
oh, now i get it. :P i must say, i like his hair short like that.
oh yeah, i forgot tot tell you. my little sister, she does't actually read the comic, but i always tell her what goes on. and she loves Hidokul. so much so that she named her pillow pet after him. he is a dolphin. his name is Hiddy-kins.
September 26th, 2011
@*_Asterisk_*: dat icon
September 25th, 2011
lmao! i saw Lucas ans i'm like........why does he look familiar? hmmmm.....
September 3rd, 2011
<3333 still in so mch looove with them!! but that guy is really funny looking XP i love boobs mgee. love. her. almost as much as i love Ursa *A*

it wouldn't be much of a safe haven for women without guns, huh? [totally not a fetish of mine]
August 30th, 2011
oh god. these ladies. i was already in love with them but now...i cant...i just can't. i have the most massive lady boner for then right now <3