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Her name should be Koliada who i think is the Slavic goddess of the day, and because Sisu is the Day Prince he has the perfect 'semi-companion' ^_^ I think it sounds pretty cool too :P
this is just awesome so far :D! and the emotions on the faces O3O!
D: dont do it Lumi!! i love how evil he looks
and i must say hemlock is so awesome in print :D i got both of them for my birthday and they just ooze awesome:)
its like an awesome model campaign page of Jase awesomeness :3! ...more please XD
April 28th, 2011
i love all of the characters expressions especially Lumi's :3!
April 27th, 2011
D-8 shiz just got real
oh and does the word begin with a H for a name :F?
this is so professional:D i really love how the characters are so unique and the backgrounds are just:3 please keep it up:D!!!
yesh i definately be coming and its my first expo so im super excited XD and you can count me in for a copy:D!!
i love the story so far:D
is it going to be published at the expo?
i just picked up reading hemlock and im totally entrancedO-O your art is so pretty:D and the story is so awesome! please dont stop D:!!
theres only four pages!!!>-> PLEASE MORE:D! MY EYES NEED MORE EYE CANDY:D!!