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Just a reader!
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awww ;_;
Great page, the fury in her eyes!

Okay, definitely favorite storyline now.
Glad to see the comic is back!!
Spoiler: Ben's in love with him, but mad he likes someone else.
Aghhh, why'd you do that!!
I think the artsy term for a place like that is SKETCH
Loving this comic! Very inventive take on the superhero genre.
Just wait till you reach Mount Puberty.
the spiky things are hate and the green powder/fume is xanax?
August 1st, 2013
Hahah! I wish it did sound like that SQUELCH
one thing, just a few pages back it was already established that his parents died in a fire when he was five.
besides extra eyes it also seems to be growing a mustache
I have found two solutions to .arrow's problem:


-drink more or
-start smoking
pokemon being created was worth it just for this comic
this whole comic has been about over the period of a week maybe? It'd be fun, next time reading it through, to count how many cigarettes Atty's had.
just... Eric saying "What up babe"
ahh this comic is so awesome *pat pat*! can't wait to see more!!
looks like he took some fighting classes as well 0_0