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@Talim656: Actually H0ly beat me to it with the alt text xD

First post? sweet
I keep re-reading this page, it's so hilarious. I especially love their initial reaction to the last question |D

o.o o.o *removes hand from shoulder* ...
@Frappecinno: Raichu isn't very much better, actually. It has terrible base HP and Defense, and not overly amazing offensive stats to make up for it. It is, at best, mediocre. Most offensive Electric type Pokemon outclass it.
Clever Atty, very clever. Play up to her belief that you are a bastard...

but five pages later she'll reconsider and forgive you. You can't get rid of people like George that easily, I fear. lol
Reminds me of a scene from Fullmetal Alchemist |D

"This guy is dangerous, so maybe you two should-"

*already behind the trees*


Or something like that. It was still funny as hell.
oooh, nice work on this page. Was worth the wait. Guess you got tired of drawing trees after all, so you were like BURN ALL THE TREES. lol

EDIT: First post? Me? =O
I was actually starting to miss George |D She's very cute, and one of my favorites so far(besides Dragonthing of course <3)

I love this comic H0ly, keep up your epicness. It's so hard to find a story that's well-written and well-drawn. And even harder to find someone who has affection for what they're making fun of.
George definitely mastered screaming and running at the same time, lol
Rock isn't resistant to electric. If you used an electric attack on Nosepass it would hit for neutral damage(x1)
Eh, How dyou know they didn't happen to have those TMs onhand? =P

They are from Johto after all.
I can't believe how many people didn't realize Thad was missing an arm. I dunno, maybe I pick up on the whole empty sleeve thing because of watching Fullmetal Alchemist(limb loss was kind of a staple for that series)

I noticed it when Trix grabbed Thad's sleeve. I was like... she's grabbing sleeve, and there's no arm in it. Arm missing? wow.
Yay, I'm glad I waited until my birthday to read the next page. This has just brightened my day even more. I hope the rest of the day is as great.
Deny everything. Mr. Flower Pot will probably brush it off for about an arc and a half. And then get hard proof.
Romance. It ends in death.
I never thought Romeo and Juliet was that romantic. Shakespeare probably rolled over in his grave when people started calling it the greatest love story of all time. That's better reserved for people who DID NOT HAVE TO OVERCOME ADVERSITY BY KILLING THEMSELVES. AND WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY LIVED AND THAT'S BORING.
I must say the movement in the bottom panels is rather lovely ^^
She'll get better.
you know, I just realized: This is page 42 of the chapter. And something dies dramatically. trolololol
By Shoujo law, it must either be the seat next to or the seat in front of her. He must sit in one of those.

THE CATERPIE ARE COMING. GET YOUR CHARMANDER!(and your bug stomping boots)