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Heroscape, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mokepon, Fire Emblem but most importantly, Jesus Christ.
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Just wanted to say I'm still reading and still enjoying it incredibly! I joined the party before you even started doing mouse-over-text, and I've enjoyed every page along the way. ^_^ Thanks for writing such an incredible story!
Atty's crushing pretty hard. It makes sense he'd like the hard-to-get bad girl. And she's the quiet type too.
I love the "Sonic Says" reference. xD
Hahaha! So that infamous line is actually a thinly veiled arrow of disgust and contempt. Very well-played, H0ly.
April 30th, 2013
Yay for more stuff! :D
@Tom: XD
That's a hilariously brilliant thought.


I feel like that kid on the tricycle in The Incredibles. THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!
I bet Atticus knitted that sweater.

"What kind of dad knits?"
September 10th, 2012
This is my favorite page of the chapter so far. ^_^

Both in terms of art and in terms of content! :D :3
August 8th, 2012
@Gibson Twist: You speak the truth.
DragonThing and Rat! :D
Well... Atty should at least get to keep his money if the jumper is what they are fighting for.
It's also cool to see a Mokepon page being worked on. ^_^
£8 is about $12.40! :O The most I'd ever spend is $1 or 65p!
You should totally leave a business card behind anytime you found material for Eavesdropping! That way, if you're lucky (or unlucky???), some of them might find their page--or someone who saw the situation could relate better and get a fuller enjoyment from the page. ^_^
@Pharaoh Man: XD I would LOVE that! :D

I love it! The way you drew the Onix's movements was perfect!!! X3

Crashing through the ceiling, curving at the last moment near the floor, and coiling up for a dramatic pose at a very intimidating height! Amazing!!!

GG, Atticus. It's time to go to the PokeCenter.
I'd prefer one update a week that's inked. ^^'

The pencilings have a very nice, soft feel to them, but the inked pages look more professional.
@RojalMia: That's actually really cool! Stein means stone! ^_^
Just reading the comments made this page THAT much better! ^_^ Some really funny conversations in here!!! XD

I love the feel to this comic! It's as down-to-earth as one can get. The style is very eye-pleasing as well! :3