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maybe i'll just say that i'm like everyone else?..

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September 6th, 2014
@summerstorm: pfff amfg you're still here ;u;
Haha sorry, I've been busy -had the sketches for a long time but sadly no motivation to line lmao-
June 24th, 2014
comments on my style are welcome lol how do you like the changes? xD -warned you-

@Eveiss: thank you! haha well, here's your answer. angsty stuff might be for later chapters so no worries ^^
@k_chichan: OAO which song? amg haha thank you!

@summerstorm: Awww, I feel so guilty nao, but I'm back! and I love you //runs//
June 22nd, 2014
Thank you
@megami23: aww, Thank you! haha let's see let's see xD
June 22nd, 2014
lol I'm back pff
actually these first few pages had been done since last month -yes, when I left you guys on air.. floating- so expect that starting from page uhh, 4 of this chapter I might change the style orz
The ever impatient tenant. He does everything with an intensity to the point of fervor due to his idealistic nature and likes things done at an accelerated pace. He strongly dislikes routines and always crave for a change.

..and another tenant^^ he was out for 2 whole days and just couldn't stay put!
@Bloopy: -author is swallowed whole by the ground- he doesn't.. I am very sorry for being alive orz haha I'm glad you think he is! :')
@blue: aaaand, it's a catch! haha thank you for, uhh, being hooked?
That was totally hilarious and cute, looking forward to the next pages! :)
May 25th, 2014
Very detailed pages, great job! Looking forward to the next pages ^^
The friendly, laid-back, easily-influenced tenant who always lean upon others for guidance. He lacks practicality and astuteness but desires to get along with everybody ^_^

sorry for that thing down there. Don't worry it's just him who does that, the others are more decent -I think-//facepalms
You make great pages! I just had to say that xD
It's our manager!
Rem is a character designed to introduce my dear tenants to you guys :) of course, he would be living with them and would update us with what is happening inside the comic -in short, he would be the one to generate the author's plot bunnies see that video cam, yes?-

So for now, I shall introduce you to some of my tenants once I get ahold of them! :')

-isn't this comic weird? Don't worry, I think so too. I don't understand why there are people who fave this//slapped- *hugs you people*
it diiiid
Those hands OAO you draw them very well ^^
Oh, and a blushing seme would be great too! (It isn't unheard of at least haha whichever would be awesome!)

-d'aaaw now you made me curious, update soon neh? :')-
nudity -yey!- not all would contain this but most would :))

Watch out for changes in style -I don't really have a constant one orz-
xD this page is just to tell you that I am alive and well -thankfully-

Though this useless author is being lazy -more than the usual- and hadn't done the next pages at all //smacked so I don't think I'll be able to update much but -again- this page is here for you to know that I have not abandoned this story -for now..kidding xD-

told you it's random =v=
...and plotless -maybe-
...and messy -its a slight sketch OAO-
...and black & white -kinda, even if its reddish-

because I don't understand color schemes at ALL -I envy those who color like its second nature orz-
(edited!: I decided to do color pages ^^ -for now- so let's hope you guys don't have homophobic creatures lurking at your back orz)
I loved your banner so much I had to +fav
xD looking forward to this! ^_^
May 19th, 2014
END ^^
the next chapters would be pretty messy -literally- and might change in style but please look forward to it! haha
May 19th, 2014
@Shuyin111: AMG Thank you! haha didn't notice that xD