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So, wow. Got a little too abitious here and then needed to scramble to get it together in time.

Lots of things wrong with it, but I do love my cartoony zombie horde
Thought I'd try something different. Don't think it worked out too well. XD But I suppose that's the point of all this, trying new things out.
So turns out I just needed a week to regroup. That or I'm plain bad at hiatuses. I do really like the story (it gets better!) and I'll have to be content with the fact that the art is getting gradually less terrible. If you have any advice or comments, PLEASE let me know!

I like Vic and Morely as my go to radio guys. They make exposition fun! Much better than a wall of text in my opinion
Finally getting into some exposition.

Facial expressions are hard. I'm working at it, but they're still pretty fail. Guhhh.
Ah, Foreshortening, my old enemy. We meet again. I'm trying to make things less static, I really am, it just has mixed results.
It's totally okay to punt little old ladies into the air if they're zombies. XD
Who has two thumbs and likes drawing perspective grids? *THIS* guy! Here I've been dreading it and turns out it's a lot of fun!

Hee hee, no stopping, no explanations, no info dumps. Stay with me folks, it will make sense eventually. XD

This time I made sure to check for typos, so the page doesn't mysteriously disappear and then reappear with proper spelling.
As much as I love my new tablet, it's not working out line-wise. I have way more control with ye olde pencil, so I've switched to doing lines that way. It's messier, but overall I think it looks better.