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but tight plastic bag knots are a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. im going to cut them.
story of our lives. cept nurse is the one working and im the one cleaning or playing vidjas and going to school
a cheetah? did she cheat on all the runs too :B?
fly you fool -gandalf
@Kenno Arkkan: i guess i associate the side view with the level. iso throws me off.
i fucking LOVE the armadillo boss level/fight. dont see how it inspired the comic though =/ also the whole naked/camo thing reminds me of Quiet from metal gear solid 5
webcomic artist, fucking loled
D: next time i won't hang up on telemarketers and collecting agents, they may be furries D:
only 2 fingers?
i thought fel would be kinkier with more fingers, and some in the tail hole too at the same time :3c
the drama
its too heavy. also, needs more graphicness ;3
ermagerd drama
no fel in the montage? girlfriend? sickos? OOOOOOOOOO i love me some good ol dramas
why do you want to kill me?
first thing that popped in my head
tune in next week, where snake chick is locked up in fel's sexy dungeon
i'll just throw it again out there, that gun has erectile dysfunction, it only shoots blanks so he'll be fine.
i guess no sharing will be taking place
i was already going through withdrawel from not getting my weekly dose of stripes ;_;
well thats one way to meet teh woman of your life
fel's watching you fap face is something i'd shit bricks if i woke up next to as well
sharing is caring
why don't they just share :V /problem
that hurrrr face, i love it more than the whole strip
i feel slow, it's too early, because i just don't get it :|