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Seriously, for a comic you give to us freely with such gorgeous content, you shouldn't need to apologize about having to step away from it because of poor health. You are very kind. Please rest and get better!
"Chaaa" I know that feeling Pikachu, I know that feeling.
Lol, what if it was rat?
Honestly I find that action really gross and inappropriate, last thing I want to do is have someone stuff their drippy ice cream that they slathered all over like an animal stuffed into my face. Then her contaminated ice cream sludge gets in his. Ew. George has no pause button at all.
George pulled off a really nice slam attack! I mean it had a 75% accuracy so good job George!
It would be interesting if DT evolves in the middle of the fight. Or maybe she really does have some sort of trick. Those two have a lot of trust between each other, I love it~
Kahn is disappoint. Don't break his heart Atty!
I'm all starry eyed over this encounter, so looking forward to more! Maybe Atty might think to try using an electric type...or ya know, any other pokemon besides Dragonthing. Don't pull an Ash like every episode boy!!

It looks like Dragonthing is giving Merric a lil kiss at the bottom, very adorable. But what's even more interesting is when not battling they just enjoy each others company and play. They have no reason to battle yet. It's Atty that is starting stuff.
*Screams* KAHN!!!!!!!! Oh this is great, I'm so excited to see him again!

Atty you haven't learned anything, don't embarrass yourself.
Atty might be dressed for a cruise, but he sure doesn't look happy about it!

I miss Kahn, I hope he makes an appearance soon! It'd be nice to see them talk since he gave the Oddish to him, which ended up winning the last gym match. ((So to speak))
*Squeals* Oh my gosh how I've missed him!!! It's wonderful to see Kahn again~
Wow, I can't believe how much like my journey Atty's is. A Charmeleon and a Pikachu, heading to Mt. Moon....Watch out for them Zubats darling!
Yes, that was perfect. You tell her Atty!

Nothing unmanly about knitting~
Happy late birthday!

Also, you're never to old for Pokemon, or children's card games! NEVER!
And thus my theory that Kahn baby is stalking Atty this whole time continues! He was in the woods watching, and dropped the letter when it burned...Yes, yes indeed. *Nods* Or not. But still, Kahn stalks his princess, er, I mean Atty.
Because Charmander.

That is best answer!
I love how calm and collected Atty is standing there among the flames and electricity, surrounded by the feathers of fallen pidgeys. "Nothing new here, just death and destruction among pokemon, as if I haven't seen plenty of that today..."

Also, continuing with my fangirl theory that Kahn is hiding behind the wooden sign, that's totally a love letter he gave George, that she has to deliver to Atty. Yes, yes it is~
You know, I love how a lot of people are still using he when referring to DT. It will take some getting used to.

Also, I see a lot of talk about the burning of the forest and whether DT should be getting a ton of experience. I think in this case, they were not in any official battle for one, and DT was just sort of the puff of flame that set the fire off, they all died from it going out of control.

Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with experience points in this comic. I think it's being treated as real training, no level gain in the gaming sense. When they evolve, it is because they've matured in their skills and strength, and fought enough, to unlock further potential and growth. At least that's how I'm feeling...

I could be completely wrong and looking far too deeply into things.

Also, secret fangirl belief...Atty-kun is being watched from behind that wooden sign by Kahn as he trains. Oooooh yeeeaaah~
*Reads* Oh that was funny, George doesn't want DT to evolve...

*Reads again* But charmeleons are awesome! Why do people think they're ugly? I find them adorable and so bad ass~ Wait, what is that last part...*Reads a third time*

THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!? I was not prepared for DT being a girl. I mean starters are male more times than not, and the chance of a female charmander is 12.5%. What are the odds!?

No wonder she extra sweet. I find her ten times more adorable than before^^