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Love Pokemon and Digimon, I do the odd RPG inbetween. Started an Art Shop not too long ago.
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totally a rayquaza =u=
I made fanarts
Where do I send them?
That Pikachu
It's either he tripped in sparkles or he was the one shiny that got away from Oak.

(another nuzlocke would be cool but whatever you feel like doing~)
Haha, oh cute.
I'd love to submit a cameo (but I'm too lazy for a webcomic Lol) but that is totally cute and against what I would think about a Grimer.
The Lake trio was always my favorite, I don't know why, it's just in the PMD games, they were portrayed better.
Seems like it doesn't want to load..
I detect a GLaDOS line~
and I think first comment
: o
I can't stop laughing, oh my god
Hehe, god it is cruel.
Gen I
Why didn't you make it a physical attack that lowered defense afterwards?
Besides that, linking those moves together means your partner's got a better chance to attack with more damage
Goat Gods
We all need one in life
In the time of Bide, use stat reducers to come to your aid, especially Leer and Growl. I defeated Brock by spamming Leer and Ember.
@Wolfsubzero: Haha, Yes! It was beautiful and I wished they made another one, the story was so fabulous! I can't wait to dive in them again, My dad read them to me when I was little so it's very special to me.
That story from my childhood used footprint runes and by the looks of things...Might be telling them about the statue and the battle against Kyogre.
Idek, just guessing.
Instead of drawing the drab dungeon you make it beautiful and unique
I wish I got an eevee in my explorers game so i could atleast get a cool evolution out of it
You never know
DT could always be ten levels above that Onix, that counts in terms of Attack and Speed stats.
Best Montage I've ever seen
Sounds cool! I loved this part in the game, goin' out with your guildmates and explored outside.
I have a feeling
That Groyvle was Gigi's partner in PMD Red/Blue, back when it was a Treecko. That would be an interesting twist.
X/Y Coordinates
I think it's going to have something like that since the games have been based in Japan and BW was in America apparently. I would think they would do that. I love the starters and everything. I don't know, I don't think we're going to get another Eevee. They didn't make any in BW after introducing Glaceon and Leafeon so I can only hope as well. Steel would be awesome.
God George
Dragonthing was almost killed by you're masked idol and you're not even shocked by it.


Anyways XD Merry Christmas to you too!