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guys, not sure im going to continue on here much longer.
smackjeeves hasnt exactly been much help in getting known
and people are USUALLY not interested in reading a book on here less its hentai/yaoi

not enough support, too much yaoi and its just aggravating having to post on 2 separate sites.
i will be heavily thinking in the next few days about quitting smackjeeves.
just because i quit here doesnt mean the story is done.
im just frankly done with this website, and i flourish more on DA
my da account is

sorry if this upsets what readers i have, but since the update, ive honestly been thinking of just moving from here.
sorry for the pause, as all of u dont know, i recently had a accident at work NEARLY costing me my hand.
no worries, i wasnt seriously hurt but it could have ended badly.
as of right now, im unemployed because i refuse t work for a place who has no regard for safety measures and two weeks prior to my accident, a maintenance man completely lost his arm to the same machine.
i am now taking classes for phlebotomy and will start working at the local hospitals down town. least its a job i know ill always have if i go into this line of work.
so sorry, work and all....
wooo.... sorry guys .... work has been busting my ass recently.....
i managed to get one other pg done aswell but saving its upload for a later time on here.
@Sanu Wolff: yeah i KINDA had issues trying to work with that part .___. honestly....
alot of it has to do with my color shading.... im best with gray scale art but all my readers want me to stick with color :(
colors pretty and all but it takes more time then usual and its something im still trying to get use to.
hopefully if i can keep up practice, ill get better in the future for color shading.
thanks again for commenting :)
means alot to have some love
@Sanu Wolff: its there, if u look closely, he is laying on it.
i wanted to go with a more realistic dynamic pose rather then a common one this time.
if i can ever get around to coloring the next few pgs, you should see his pose from another perspective
arisa- i hear somthing!!

gaelic- i FELT something!!
@Sanu Wolff: hahaha yeah..sorry bout the wait.
i recently got a new pc and ive been focusing on trying to move everything over on it that i need to do my art on, like photoshop and my wacom tool and pen. been kinda hard getting use to a laptop. this is the first time ive ever used one..always been a desktop user
@Sanu Wolff: hmm?
no, elder guardians are the only known guardians to master that form.
wouldnt make sense if she said "ive only seen elders master in that form"
guardians can master the hybrid form but its not usually younger ones.
@Sanu Wolff: hahaha its ok.
glad to see u back :)
your one of the few who actually drops friendly comments by
very sorry guys, i know i leave ya all waiting longer than i should.
im having some dental work done recently and starting Tuesday, im in for a pretty tough time.
i go to get 4 wisdom teeth removed and one root canal...
not gonn abe fun for me so head kinda been in the clouds since i found out i need to have this done....
i mean... who DOESNT hate dental trips? DX
i hope things go well and im sorry that ive put this off for longer then i should have.
anways, i new pg will follow this one shortlty.
woot, 800th pg
@EmergenceComics: hahahha guess u know why now since ive obviously went through the comments now XD
glad u like him ^^ theres gonna be quiet a bit of him in the series
@summerstorm: as graceful as a wet cat with bags on its feet
@xllFangllx: haha i think he's feeling it now
thanks, oh hes very healthy.
hes a quiet little booger too.
sorry it took so long, my nephew was born ^^ im an aunty now
it wouldnt be just you XD
i have been slowly changing the style since i learned a few better tricks.

i changed the line art alot to not stand out so much.
the line art is no longer black in the newer pgs but instead the lines are more or less the base color of the character. for instance, i use grey lines for the white parts of the character and dark drey lines for the grey parts.

i slimmed down on the feathering of the shadowing of the characters and decided to sharpen it instead so thats probably why it doesnt seem as blurry.
@tiffawolf: thanks, im glad you spotted that.
my brain seems to be on shut down these past few weeks
sorry, been swamped with alot of things since the holidays