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games guitar lots of stuff i foud smack jeeves from my sister and i olso like the middel ground
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it seems weve oncovered another little secret here why cat cant/do die in the first place
EXACTLY like a vietnam flashback
oh thank goodnes
oh thanks goodnes i thought you died its ok take your time that WAS really scary
one time i was playing heartgold and i found a pokeball with a pokeball in it then i checked my invintory and i had 99 pokeballs AWSOME GLITCH!
are we seeing trixie come back? cause i thought she was gone forever then again ive only watched up to the 8th episode
it.was.lost. where would thet get a car?
facebook page...must send request...AWSOME.
just get small nice cute ones that can be covered up and trust me dont take pics of em a good small tattoo would be a musical note for example i will never get a tattoo but take the advice
gir...gir rocks im a bit like him i even sleep in cupcakes and mashed potatoes
best way to go
if you did the artwork nice job it looks great
get a facebook account i have one
here we go again
honestky neko WILL eat it he will hes a cat
it must pe a door/weird water thing/ONR WAY NO NOOBS DOOR!!!!!!!!!
um...whats so wrong with patchs trainer she seamed nice to me
sorry but...theres a bummy on jeffs hat