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The New Rush
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Live the past behind, just walk away. When it's over and my heart breaks... and the crowds being to show. And the crowds being to show to show to show. Live the past behind, just walk away. When it's over and my heart breaks and the crowds to begin to show.... Vagina jokes aren't funny, period.
True. By the way, screw the Nether.
I'd be fine without the optional objective, I'm not very picky. You drawing it without shading it would be excellent in my opinion. but if you want to shade go for it.
Okay :D I was just wondering cause I might finish some sprites today if I can get a design on the shoes that I finally like and start working on the arms.
so It's okay for me to make another comic and make Rush explode and turn into the new sprite, right?

Honestly it makes sense. Heli made a space vagina in a fictional land so why cant Abdie?
And when it's over and my heart breaks... the past begins to show to show to show to show...
oh hai there. Did I miss something?
@Royle McCulloch

Sorry for my absence of sprites I've been rather busy this summer here's my progress so far though.
My skype. shiftvoltage. email. if you cant find me then I'll find you!
dood. I'm ready to be done with my new ones but I'm still woooorking...
thankyou Irene C;
if anyone cares on my god awful progress...
I <3 Mist.... :c
Try harder.
*Obvious sex joke*
Sorry about my Email getting hacked. Now that I'm back I will get back to spriting.
Raise the left arm up a bit and to left maybe. it makes him look right now as if he is slouching or some bs. I like the overall sprite though, well done job my boy.