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I gots no hobbies.
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Hehe, thank you.
But circle template is another name for a stencil, but only with circles on it. ^_^ I have one now...
Pen not go blob. Somehow the lines are skinner than normal.
Pen goes blob. (panel 2)
That first frame was such a mistake. ^_^
Plates are harder to draw than hands.
My regular nib was acting weird, so I took an old nib and used it, and it went scratchy.
I looked at all the straight lines I had to do and I threw my ruler in the corner. So no straight lines.

btw drawing ugly people is more fun than drawing pretty people.
Filling in the black on the first frame took forever.
I like the bird. My unsteady hand does not.

Note to Javet: When you get around to toning this page, could you fill in all the legs in the first panel the same shade of grey, but a little over the lines so it looks a bit blurry?
This page took 40 minutes flat. And it shows! Hee hee hee!
This page... is so bad. ^_^
At 5 am it seemed like a good idea.
Hero used Pin Missile!
1) I read 400 chapters of Detective Conan without my head exploding

b) My black marker has probably run out of ink with this page. So much colouring in.

thirdly) Broken physics is all a part of Japanese comics. As some people have noted last page, Lucia would probably end up scalding herself... but I can fix that by saying the boiling point of slime is much lower than water! Never mind that the apparent viscosity of aforementioned fluid does not seem to correlate with this point...
Javet will be toning for me from now on. Thank you Javet! ^_^
I would die for a circle template. Freehand circles ahoy.

But I do have a totally useless set of french curves.
It's super effective!!