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I live in Brazil, I like to play video-games,read comics all that nerd stuff...
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    Matheus Azevedo
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Like Zman did with Wily I made some changes here and there in Light because I just hated the old ones,he looks too goofy!Anyway you can use it for something like older Light since the image I used as a base is the MMX artwork (
It isn't so good as Zman but I haven't been spriting in 6 months.

I forgot I used the extended poses that DJoing made a long time ago,so credit to him.
So, I'm kinda back at spriting in something like 6 months,I plan to fix my old sprites like doc robot and the mm7 robot masters from megaman 1.The sprite is protoman based on this from the band protomen if you didn't heard of them do yourself a favor and go to youtube...soooo that's it!See you guys later!
I don't really know how to fix bombman's mouth, anyway anything else ?
So, I probably will lose in the WST and I'm back making sprites, in the 4 past monts I was doing other things and now I'm back and until the final of the year I'll try to make every single robot master in MM7 style that I played which means every single game with the exception of MM8, MM&B and the ones from game boy.

Now for the sprites, I remade fire man,bomb man,elec man and gutsman.I think they are waaaay better then the others and you can see them here:[link]
I give new colors for cutman and used the same head of the old gutsman, I know.And everything here is costum except ice man's hands and feet, cut man's feet and the heads of everyone.Soooo, that's it!
shadow will let them die...
try to make the head bigger and fix the mounth, seems odd the shading is ok
kazooie should be taller and like you said the shading could be better
water mustache ?
the eyes, are odd,I don't know try to make then gray or something
So here is the joke entry,Oh man capcom made it right
ok some things

Alienoid, I think you say that because his arm is kinda inclined but if you see the image in the end of post you'll see he's too big and if, I don't know shoot with the gemini man's power it will just pass and don't hit

Pizzaman,ok I'll fix everything you said
and about the drills I didn't forget but he's too short to see but in one sprite you can see it, look at the image in the end
I think light is ok,I tryed to follow the example from I tryed to make my point in the image and I'll try new lags and the poses who look awkwrad maybe it's because I use twice the same legs there.
Well if I'm posting the doc here it's because he's going to be pd right ? ;)
almost done, I kinda want C+C because to me is ok but I want your opnion
Those sprites look great,beside in some poses the foot seem a little small,anyway, you are going to try WST this year so maybe we can fight against each other since both characters are based on SF,and about the fact he's small you could make this one characteristic of the character like he attack everyone who say that.
You could make a commemorative comic with not the MLP stuff?Everyone is not a fan of the show and the joke is kinda missed.
Please C+C , it's my first try in advance style so tips will be useful too
What ? No tiger shot from his mounth ? Nah just kidding he's great!