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Hi my name is Holly I'm 13, I live on a small island on the North of Scotland called Shetland. I live with my mum and two brothers, not forgeting our little pampered princess Jasmine (a Devon Rex).
I live at my Dad's every second weekend so I am unable to post then.
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Happy belatedd birthday! I'm gonna draw you a birthday picture! (don't expect much! xD)
Updating this 5 second scribble as a page xD
Watching me ol' Yogcast!
@Risky2k: Lol quess so!
3 pages whoot whoot!
Updates on Tuesday and Wednesday! Start looking forward!
Let's see if I can update one more.
Aren't I nice. Two in one day!
Sorry for long wait and cliffhanger xD
It's on Hiatus but...
will be back in a week. Please read it for now and fav it!
September 10th, 2011
On a school trip I had to take the ferry down to Aberdeen and it was horrible. The whole boat stunk of sick and teachers were running about with paper bags. I was sick 12 times and after that I just stopped and felt soooo much better. I'll take ginger with me next year when I go again!
I'll be back
in a week!
Random comment
My brother is called Brandon Cole. xD
spot the douche.....
This is my lazy art... I should be making this look nice for you. But I'm tiiiiiired.
Oh dear it's all over my fingers.
God you are ugly. xD I will defiently say that if someone tries to rob me!
I made Charaka in Colour here to make him stand out. In the next page he will be colourless.
I'm not reading this for harem, but for the comedy. I couldn't stop laughing all through this. How he get in a crate of tatties?
Yumi's top has no collar in Panel 4....
My nightmare.
I'm so happy I've seen them all already....
1:21 am... Amazingly I hate T.V., but watch it non stop. I just find it hypnotising. What makes me want to watch it so much. OH!!! Charaka on page 5!!!!